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Have you ever spent the day searching for something that was in front of you, but you couldn't see it?

Asked by mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe (1478points) August 4th, 2010

Once, I was searching for my sunglasses, and I couldn’t find them. Some hours later, I looked in the mirror and saw that my sunglasses were on my head xD and I hadn’t realized it :p
oh, and last week, I thought I lost my cell phone, but I was holding it while searching for it, so I saw it after some minutes. and I also “lost” my laptop, but it was on my bed.

So, have you ever been searching around the house, for something that was there the whole time?

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Yes, many times. Sometimes for the Answer and sometimes just for my glasses.

I used to search for my cigarette case all the time, but I quit smoking nearly 21 years ago. Now it’s as likely to be my credit card (which I just used to buy gas and then slipped into my pocket) or my purse (I left it in the car) or my other glasses (I left them in my friend’s car) as it is for the Truth. In fact, sometimes the Truth comes easier.

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Mostly my glasses which are on my head, or my coffee which for some reason I put in the fridge. I blame chemo brain, but it’s probably just middle age

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When I was about 7, I couldn’t find a certain pair of freshly laundered socks. I was in tears that I couldn’t find these socks, because I wasn’t allowed to go out and play until I found them. I tore down the room several times. Where were the socks? On top of the portable closet. I was too short to see that my cousin had put the socks, along with some other clothes, on top because he was just throwing them any ol’ where and didn’t care where they ended up, and I didn’t think to look on top of things.

I didn’t get to go outside that day. By the time I found the socks, it was after 7pm. :,(

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Happens more often than I care to remember. Maybe because I have a million things happening in my head all at the same time. Ask a child if they remember where something is and they are usually good at remembering where they saw it. Don’t play concentration with them, they’ll kick your ASS.

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@Seaminglysew I didn’t know about that

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mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe You are still in the Kick Ass range. It usually doesn’t happen untill after you get married, have children, work full time, look after your seniior parents etc. etc. etc.

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keys, atm, my mind…...doggie spritz at the moment…..where did the cleaning girl put it??
Been through the house twice…...under sink, kitchen closet??? oh where oh where can it be???

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One time, I was looking for the remote control and it ended up being in the fridge. The next time, when I couldn’t find a pair a pants, my one friend told me to look down to see if I was wearing them, lol.

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By the way, the doggy spritz is in the master bedroom by the flatscreen. i would have never guessed. Doggie infirmary is in great room. All is well. Wound care finished.

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I think that happens to everybody. :D

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Wisdom…....God that’s such a clever answer.I amaze myself sometimes I really do ;¬}

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@ucme…. yeah, so clever. you remind me of my goldfish sometimes :p

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@mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe That’s one smart fish, unless of course it’s owner is deluded. I dunno….

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@ucme hahahaha that was a “great answer” hahahaha xD :p

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Absolutely….not whole day, but couple of hours for sure!....:)

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