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What song are these lyrics from?

Asked by efritz (3240points) August 4th, 2010

A friend messaged me these lyrics, and I want to be cool and know where they’re from.

“Five days passed and not a word was heard. I guess it was shocking after all.”

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I googled them-no answer there. Um…maybe you’re just not cool, then? But then again, neither am I

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I would double check with the friend just to make sure that it is indeed lyrics & not a real message about pregnancy test or MRI results.

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Is your friend perhaps an aspiring or successful musician? maybe it was a request for your opinion of their writing.

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Googled them too, no result. Even tried searching parts of it. Nothing. Best bet is, they aren’t lyrics to anything out there. Maybe your friend was just telling you something. Did he say he was trying to talk to anyone 5 days ago or something?

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sounds like something from Cowboy Junkies

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Does your friend not know?

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Thanks anyway, everyone. I think he was just being weird. . . I hadn’t messaged him in five days and he’s put out.

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That is a strange thing to text if he just wants to hear from you…“how’s it hanging? Give me a shout when you can” is much clearer….

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Check “Hit Parade” magazine.

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@KhiaKarma – I know it. . . that’s why I thought maybe they were song lyrics. Sigh.

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Everyone I have to tell you something. That song is just a filler song for Tokyo Mater, guys.

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