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How to get lyrics automatically on iTunes?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) October 12th, 2011

Is there a way that I can get song lyrics automatically on iTunes? I used to have NeedleDrop and another program that goes with it to fetch the lyrics and automatically puts it in the info of the song but I don’t remember what’s the name of the other program is.

Do you know any other that could help? I also used to have the other program on my dashboard(MAC) and I could see the lyrics being fetched.

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Thanks for asking this one! I will watch for the answer. I am tired of cutting and pasting lyrics . . .

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iLyrics. Quite literally the first result when I googled “fetch lyrics itunes”. Also, in the event you have used a program and for some reason can no longer do so, but would like something similar, I recommend using alternativeto.

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A lot of old lyrics importers don’t work because the websites that they pulled the lyrics from (like lyric wiki) aren’t allowed to give the lyrics out if they wan’t to keep their licence to display the lyrics on their websites. Most now just give a link to the website and you have to do the copying and pasting your self.

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This should come in handy.

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Well, I’m not sure about the lyrics coming with it, but I think you should download a free lyric app! (: I did that a long time ago. It syncs with the music you’re playing and then it’ll get the lyrics ready. If you ever find it, I apologize if they don’t put up some of the lyrics. (: but they do put up almost every song that plays! Hope That Helps @xTheDreamer .

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