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What are your thoughts about gambling?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) August 5th, 2010

I love it once in awhile, I do buy scratch tickets and lotto tickets once a week. Hoping to hit the big one. If you consider that gambling. I go to the casino every three months I’d say. Do you think I am wasting my money or do you do it for fun to? I just won $20 on Fanatasy five this morning when I checked….Hence the question.

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My simple rule has always been….never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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I’ve never really been into it, and it’s not something i’d really try with any sort of big money. I’d rather buy chocolate cake with my money. :)

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Winning is a lot of fun. Losing, not so much. I avoid gambling (including the stock market) because I hate the feeling of losing more than I enjoy winning.

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Only that I suck at it.

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I see where it’s exciting to people, playing the odds, but I’m not into taking those kinds of risks.

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Wife and i gamble quite often, but with spending limits. casino its $500 dollars. bingo, its $120 dollars and scratch-offs and lottery are each ones choice.

Please remember this: there are A people and B people that gamble. A people have a little money to spare and all of their bills are paid up to date. they go gambling to have fun and win. B people use their house payment, their electric bill money and just about any other form of cash they can gather, to go gambling. B people rarely win and usually are behind in payments to everything.

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I think it’s a blast for a couple hours but I’m more into the buffets if it’s Vegas. Poker machines are fun.
I don’t do scratch-offs because I never see them! I’ve done some a few years ago; waste of money to me. I’m not into gambling unless, as @Austinlad said, you consider the stock mkt a gamble. And he’s right.

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I don’t gamble much but when I do it’s kind of fun. I follow @bridget ‘s rule – never gamble more than I can afford to lose. Once I went to a dog racing meet, and I allowed myself a budget of £25 spread across the evening’s races. I came home with an extra £13 in my pocket. Thats the only time I’ve had any success at gambling though.

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More chance you are going to lose than win.

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