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World’s Largest Casino Opens in China.

Guess how I knew. I googled “world’s largest casino.”

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girlofscience it gives me a list of “World’s largest Casino” now which one is the only one?

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@seVen: No, it doesn’t. That article describes the one and only “world’s largest casino.”

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Casino Royal? Bond FTW

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Wasn’t it Casino Royale?

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Great, even on the internet I can’t find a Quantum of Solace.

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boom boom.

Incidently I can’t wait for that

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The largest casino resorts in the world are in Las Vegas Nevada and Macao, so these could be considered the largest casinos in general.

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girlofscience’s link wasn’t working (at least not for me) so I grabbed ya another one… here

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Vegas probably

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The Venetian claims to be the world’s largest gaming space, taking up 550,000 square feet and housing 3,400 slot machines. The casino hosts more than 800 gambling tables.

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