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Ladies, if there was one thing you would like your S/O do for you this weekend, what would it be?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) August 6th, 2010

If you had one wish for your s/o to do for you, what would it be? Have fun with it or be serious but just let us into your heads a little. And remember we’re guys, we don’t do well on the subtle hints.

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I want him to do this
I need help cleaning the gutters

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I would love it dearly if he would arrange the purchase of good soil for the garden frame we made a year ago and that I have desperately wanted.

I feel bad doing it because it costs money to buy the soil and have it dropped off (even though it will save us money in the long run)

Sigh…. it is a luxury we really cannot afford. But there lies a lovely garden in my mind.

I am job hunting next week.

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Mop the floor, and give me some loving. hee hee

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@Frenchfry The latter I never have to ask for. ;)

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Guys, paying attention? I’m learning a few. :)

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@Dog I will have to drop some hints. Flirt alittle he’ll get the picture .I’ll have to ask about the floor though. I am not sure that will happen.

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Make me laugh, cook breakfast with me, go for a beach walk with me (with two glasses of wine in tow) and canoodle on the couch with me.

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Take me on a tandem bicycle ride through a park and then make me a pasta dinner. If he’s super cool, he’d then serenade me with his guitar. A girl can dream, right?

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@etignotasanimum That sounds very very nice. Welcome to fluther.

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This is probably not helpful, @Adirondackwannabe, but I’d like mine to empty his own litter box.

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I would like him to come up with a plan for our basement. I’ve been waiting over a year for him to make a decision. Long enough in fact for me to forget what the problem is that is keeping him from doing anything about it. Frankly, I want that treadmill out of the living room and my craft stuff out of my bedroom closet!

Since that’s unlikely to happen, I would like him to decide what he wants to do for his birthday. Or dust and clean up cat hair. Any of these would be fine with me.

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Give me a child (kidding). I want him to take me out to fancy places more often.

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Switch of his business phone and just be with me.

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Aw man, only ONE thing?? I’d love it if he got up early to make me breakfast in bed (egg on toast, pancakes with syrup and fruit juice). And then washed the dishes afterwards.

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I feel guilty about the garden soil thing. I will just be happy if he is. :)

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