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What are your favourite sporting moments of the year so far?

Asked by ucme (46643points) August 6th, 2010

Yeah been a busy old year for sport up to now.Lots to choose from but what would be something that you particularly remember.For me it would be that my football (soccer) team won promotion & Alberto Contador winning his third Tour de France. Alas the World Cup although enjoyable brings only painful memories being English :¬( Maybe you remember celebrating more than the actual event or perhaps it was something you just admired without having any particular allegiance to those involved.

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I am not into sports as much.For me I would rather be at the event then watch it on TV. Like NASCAR… or a football , baseball, or basketball game. I did listen intently on the news about Tiger Woods. to see how his affair affected his game.

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Saints winning the Super Bowl. What that city has gone through, it was great to see them have something positive to cheer about.

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Letting Vunessuh beat me at horseshoes ;)

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Amy Williams winning the Gold medal at the winter olympics.

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@BoBo1946 Yeah i’d forgotten about that. God, this year is absolutely flying by.

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Nothing yet, the Bruins choked horribly in the playoffs. Maybe the Red Sox can get something going.

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I just saw a highlight of some Japanese oufielder climbing to the top of the wall to steal some guy’s home run. Sweet play.

Also, I liked watching the female knuckleballer.


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How about least favorite: Those incompetent soccer officials. I never thought anyone could make NHL officals look remotely competent until those bunch of clowns showed up.

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Beating my A-Hole neighbor at his own game!! I even spotted him a 3 margarita handicap and I still KHA at bags on his home turf!! He actually threw a hissy fit!!! I loved it!! What a jerk!

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C; What the hell is bags?

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@Adirondackwannabe -I think “Bags” is what happens at the grocery checkout.Sounds very rough,kind of like “Feather dusting” I think he made it up…snickers ;)

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Hah Cruiser. You’re pinched!

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@Adirondackwannabe Bags is a bean bag toss game and is the most exciting game ever!! and no where near as tough as feather dusting!! I will leave the heavy lifting to the women!! ;)

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Wow, that’s taking me back a few years. We had that game. You mentioned that when you were referring to the ex and I was worried it might be a game involving the male organs.

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When I was able to juggle both Milo and his friend, Max, successfully.

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@ucme unreal….really my grandfather saying so many times, “the train is passing through too fast!” Now, I know what he was referring too.

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The World Cup for me. Even though England didn’t do well, I enjoyed watching the tournament.

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It just happened. My son, who played Little League baseball from age 4 through age 16 found out his 3 year old wants to play baseball. He actually asked his daddy for a baseball bat and ball. Sonny was thrilled.

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2 Perfect Games. 2 more nearly perfect (bad call, shortstop error). And This

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