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No more virtual bowling in the SF bay area?

Asked by monsoon (2528points) March 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

I know that there used to virtual bowling in portal one in the metreon in San francisco, but the closed a little while ago. Does virtual bowling exist anywhere else? Even just within California?

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In New York they have big arcades called Dave & Busters (kind of like a grown up Chuck E. Cheese). They have virtual bowling there.

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buy a wii. Just sucks because the max amount of players is 4. I love my wii :)

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checkout city beach

Fremont and San Jose locations
I believe they have this

Have Fun!

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I dont think our dave and busters has this.

Santa Clara, CA

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Is Dave and Busters really as obnoxious as the commercials make it out to be?

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Haven’t been for a while, but don’t eat the food, its really bad.

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buy a wii? The vitual bowling I’m talking about is where there are gigantic screens and you roll the ball with your hands through a virtual route like through a Paris or San francisco street.

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then definitely dave and busters has this.
Try Pier 39 arcade?

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I was just at the pier 39 arcade, no bowling. :(

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I know what you mean I’ve been trying to find the same bowling
It was so fun at the SF Metreon I used to play it on a friends comp.
but they no longer have it Keep searching Im sure we’ll find it

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