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Are you the type that has to have the latest thing with all the bells and whistle?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) August 7th, 2010

How can you keep up? My step son has to have the latest phone.
To me as long as I can call out I am good. If you are what did you just upgrade?

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I like to wait and see what the flaws are and how useful the functionality really is. I don’t believe in paying for features I won’t use, and I’m not interested in impressing anyone.

I was recently told by Sprint that in order to use all the capabilities of my phone, I need to purchase a PC because the phone I have is not Mac compatible. A recent article on mobile apps leaking your personal data is giving me pause to reconsider what I really want to use a mobile phone for.

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Bells and whistles are just not enough for me….stuff I buy now has to have the latest kazoos on it or I don’t buy it!

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Well I was thinking of buying a clown suit…..ding ding toot toot ;¬}

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Absolutely! I was in line to buy an iPad the day they came out (it was a very long line and a very long day), I pre-ordered iPhone 4, and I’m now waiting for Kindle 3 to arrive. I subscribe to many gadget/tech sites and oh, by the way, I have a closet full of discarded “had to have’s.”

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I say “no”, but my family disagrees.

For example, I have an iPhone 3G (two+ years old), an Apple PowerBook (9 years old), an iMac (5+ years old), and an Apple TV (four years old).

I don’t buy the newest models because they still do what I need and I don’t have that kind of money.

Now, however, I feel my Apple stuff is getting long in the tooth. Meanwhile, my aunts say, “You have all the latest toys” in that “What a waste of money” tone of voice.

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Nope. I don’t even have a blackberry, see??

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In general, yes. However, I still haven’t gotten the iPhone 4. Partly because I’m waiting for the white one, but partly because I feel like the problems are going to cause them to come out with some kind of new one.

But when I do buy a newer version of something to replace the old one, I either sell the old one or give it to a friend who wants it. It never goes to waste.

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Definitely not. What’s the point? The companies making these ‘latest’ things are just abusing their consumers, making sure there’s something ‘newer and better’ every 3 months and making stuff that’s easily breakable and not dependable.

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I actually am pretty old school. I like having the new things, but I never find a point to use them. The stuff I have is barely used and I end up giving it to my mom. :/

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I am pretty much like @BarnacleBill on this: it depends on whether the bells and whistles are stuff I am actually interested in and would use, and what sort of weaknesses/flaws the thing has.

For instance, if I had an iPhone 3GS, I would see no reason to upgrade to an iPhone 4 even if the thing didn’t have the antenna issues, but (much to my wife’s chagrin) I really can’t wait until I can upgrade my Samsung Trance for a Droid X. She sees zero use in a smartphone; the only things she cares about are the calendar and alarm clock.

@cprevite I’ll wager that her car comes with a crank start and her phone still has a cord. :P
I mean seriously, anybody who considers electronic items if that age to be “the latest toys” has so little knowledge of technology that I am not sure I would trust them not to hurt themselves with indoor plumbing. Even my cat understands the concept of obsolescence!

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@jerv: One of them actually does have a corded phone. |^(

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