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Is Legal?

Asked by farlian (4points) July 18th, 2011

I was wondering if this site is legal.

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I do not think so, no, although it’s possible that it’s found some legal loophole in which to exist. But probably not.

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.To is operatated by the government of tango, a small island. They do not log Whois information of it’s registers therefore there is nobody to fine for hosting the copyrighted material. That’s how sites like this are running.

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@Silence04: Tango? Do you mean “Tonga”?

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Lol yeah, damn auto correct

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I do not know whether it is legal, but I do not like so many Pop Ups :)

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I don’t know if it is legal, but I heard about it from a friend. I tried it and had a lot of problems. When I tried to play a movie, I got a message that I had to use their version of flash. When I installed it, I got no warning that they would install other junk I didn’t want. They disabled my bing search as the default. About 2 seconds after I installed flash, I got a message from McAfee that it downloaded a Trojan virus and that McAfee had deleted the virus immediately. Then I realized that several other programs downloaded, and I had to get rid of them. I’m through with movie 2k.

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