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I'm in a chatroom and some troll is screaming about how he can send a virus to peoples computers from the chatroom itself. Is that even possible?

Asked by dumbteenth (205points) August 7th, 2010

I’m not looking for advice on whether I should log off asap, I just want to know if that’s even possible without being sent a direct file. Is this dude just BSing? How would you prevent it?

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No. It’s not possible. He has no direct access to your computer. Just don’t click on any links he posts.

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So more of a twatroom then, at least in that morons case. On a happier note, welcome to fluther.

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‘nuff said, really. If he could really do that, and he would really be willing to do it, I reckon he probably wouldn’t be telling you about it, he would have done so already. Although of course predicting trolls is not an exact science.
More importantly, what @MrItty said. I’m fairly certain this is not technically possible.

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Depends on your web browser version, plugins and operating system. For example, Windohs and M$ Outhouse used to have an “enabling technology” (cough) bug where a program could be inserted into and to and run from an image, which could be posted to a forum. Probably not happening in the case of such a troll, though.

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You know it’s a “Troll”...
But don’t know if this troll can send a virus…

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Chances are the chatroom you’re using uses javascript, so it’s theoretically possible that javascript-based attacks could be employed. It’s really unlikely that he could target you with these attacks, but I suppose it could happen if he got hold of your IP address. It would be extremely difficult if not impossible to give you a virus in any case.

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