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Meeting my favorite band, really nervous + anxiety, how to cope?

Asked by nyc_air (284points) August 8th, 2010

So I am going to finally meet my favorite band 30 Seconds to Mars in a month, I have VIP passes to their concert so I get to meet the band. But I am so nervous every time I think about it I feel very anxious and nauseous, and I don’t think that I can go through with it. I feel so overwhelmed to the point that I think I seriously need to see a psychiatrist. I don’t mind the nervousness but I am terrified that I am going to just cry in front of them like an Idiot. Any ideas on how to get through this?
(I know that their human, but I have so much respect for their work and music, and I just don’t want to come off as crazy even though i kinda am)

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Think about this.

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@tinyfaery lol I love u that really cheered me up.

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be cool, collected…..laid back. a real person and not a screamin idiot.

I met Bono once and I didnt say a word.

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My friend from college has worked with famous bands for years.
I still here from him at least once a year.
Remember they are just people .

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Every member of a band is just a human being. They may have some special talents that you appreciate. They might be attractive, or not. They might be polite and gracious, or not.
Don’t sweat it. Just enjoy the experience.

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Yes Dr Lawrence you are totally correct we are all human.

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