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Do you have any tics you do when you're nervous about something?

Asked by Berserker (33454points) June 21st, 2014

When you’re anxious, stressed or nervous about something, and you start thinking about it too much…due payments, waiting for something important, like an answer, or a decision that really matters…when you’re at the doctor’s for something rather important…anything like that.

Are there tics, habits, something you find yourself doing, without knowing right away?
For example, I end up scratching my knuckles, or scratching on the bottom sides of my fingernails, and sometimes it starts bleeding. I only notice that after it starts hurting or if there’s blood.
What do you do? Anything?
The stress or worry can be anything; what is the associated habit?

Some are minor like mine, others are more serious…I’ve heard of some people who rip out their hair, one at a time. :/

Share yall, and hopefully you’re all having a stress free weekend. :)

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I don’t bite my nails but I pick at my cuticles sometimes, and I stress eat. haha

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I am biting my lips when I am in stress…

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I bite the inside of my cheeks.

lots of biting going on here! lol

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@jonsblond I do this too sometimes!

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When I’m stressed or extremely tired, one or both eyelids sometimes twitch—very annoying. When it happens, I try to get away from the source of the upset, put a cold damp washcloth over my eye and, when possible, take a short nap.

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I get that sometimes too, twitchy eyelids. Man I despise that. Makes me want to punch myself in the face.

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I bite inside my cheeks, I raise my eyebrows alot, and I stretch my fingers.

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Picking my skin off, and pulling my hair out. Popping my knuckles. Fidgeting. Checking the time obsessively.

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Finger clicking/cracking.

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I tap my fingers or feet. My legs or toes get restless…I lightly bite my tongue or cheeks and dig my nails into my palms. I clench my teeth, puff out my cheeks and hum in my head.

Nothing ever bleeds – but, man…I annoy myself no end.

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On the very rare occasions when i’m proper nervous, I shit bricks.
Thank fuck it doesn’t happen often, would cost a fortune in shredded knickers.

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I bite the inside of my cheeks or wiggle my toes.

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@Symbeline I apparently ram my head into hard objects. At night.

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Yeah, I have a really mean shiner and a nasty gash over my eye. My doctor gave me shit for not going to the ER, but hell it was 1:30AM. I wanted to sleep.

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Dude…what happened??

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Yeah…WTH happened?

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Sorry guys . I slept a bit on the recliner instead of the bed. I was headed for the bed and I crashed. I was asleep when I hit but I felt the burn immediately. It’s deep and it’s mean.

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I don’t actually have any physical tics for when I am nervous, but I just keep telling myself ’ it’s gonna be great don’t worry’, when I have to indulge in something new and out of my comfort zone.

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I pick at my the skin around my nails when I’m nervous. I’ll catch myself doing it on occasions.

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Guys, it’s okay, it’s healing nicely. They cleaned it out Friday and it’s good today.

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@Adirondackwannabe So did you fall or walk into a wall or fall into a wall? lol

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@Coloma Ha funny. I’m not sure what I hit. Bite me.

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[NSFW] The most significant feeling I have is the feeling that my stomach is shattered to piece and the urge to use the toilet.

And unfortunately I usually do what my body wants to if I can.

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