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Is there a way to find questions on specific topics?

Asked by Rawkr (24points) August 8th, 2010

I have gone through many questions on fluther and I am having trouble finding questions that intrigue me or that I can even answer sometimes. Is there a way to find questions on fluther that are specific to certain topics?

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You can go to (where X is the topic you’re interested in, so if you wanted to look up questions about pepsi, you’d go to
I wish there was a more user-friendly way to get there, but there in’t.

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Try editing your “fields of expertise” and “hobbies & interests” sections on your profile. Drums, shooting and paintball don’t come up on here that often, so try adding more common, general topics such as ‘people’, ‘friends’ etc. This will send more questions to your “Questions for You” section. I rarely look through the list of all questions, because Fluther is pretty good at finding them for me!

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Don’t bother typing “”, it doesn’t exist. As far as I can tell, the only way to find the topic you want is to click on a related Question which then has related Topic buttons.

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