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Do you think Windows Live SkyDrive is fine to use for school?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) August 9th, 2010

I have the LG Notebook so I don’t really have that much space to put Microsoft Office on it. Instead I found out about the Microsoft Office that is included in my Hotmail account. I have tried using it and sending it to dad for example if he was a teacher and needed to edit and look over my work
But what I don’t get is that does the other person I am sending the document to has to have hotmail?
If you know more about it please tell me.
Also here is the link about SkyDrive
Also I always need internet connection to work with it.

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I’m partial to Google Docs myself, which is wider used, making it more likely to be well received by teachers.
At least where I was Google Docs was much more wider used, considered a completely feasible alternative to Microsoft Office by my teachers.

As long as SkyDrive has an export to PDF or .DOC function as well, though, it should be fine for schoolwork, you’ll just need to print your work and occasionally email it the old fashioned way; with an attachment.
Make sure you ask your teachers first as well.

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@dverhey , yeah my school starts on the 16th so then I’ll talk to the teachers if it’s okay with them. I have never used google docs…
I am checking it out.

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If you can rely on a constant internet connection, sure.

Your dad would need a Windows Live account. Hotmail is a free option with a Windows Live account, but it’s not necessary.

I use my Gmail address as my Windows Live ID user name. Which means I do not have to remember a separate user name. *

That being said, I like Google Docs better. I know Microsoft made big improvements recently, but I settled on Google Docs for online collaboration a while ago.

* It works the other way, too. You can use some other email address as a user name for a Google account.

P.S. Another option is a custom minimal install of MS Office. You can omit Excel, Publisher, Outllok – or whatever other program you don’t need.

Or a smaller program like Abiword (CNET review) :

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@jaytkay , Well the Microsoft Office on SkyDrive is fine and all that. but to me it seems like the people who can use it or access the document always have to have a windows live account and all that. Complicated
But with Google Docs do I also always need internet connection?
I think I’ll just use both, but start with Google Docs and then later on that’s when I can try to send my work with the SkyDive Office.

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Yes, you also need a constant Internet connection with Google docs.

With Google docs everybody will need a Google account, so I think the complication level is equal.

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ahh, well then I guess I could just use both of them:)
Maybe change up everyday

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The files that are produced by Microsoft Office on SkyDrive are standard MS office 2007 files so they should be able to be accessed by anyone who has Office 2007 or Office 2003+add on for 2007 files.

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@Lightlyseared , yeah… so I could just use MS on SkyDrive more.

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