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How do I autofill an adobe flash login popup?

Asked by Dewey420 (1170points) August 9th, 2010

I use roboform passcards for all my html logins, but roboform doesn’t support flash. I am using Firefox 3.6.8.

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Set up your Firefox options—
Make sure “remember search & form history”: is checked under Firefox Privacy settings.
You could choose “remember passwords from sites” under Security if you want.
And under Advanced “search for text when I start typing.”

All of the above might work better than roboform and work in Flash too.

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hmmm. well the first two were already checked..“search for text as you type” wasn’t tho..hope that works. the site i want to auto login to is Wix..cuz my password is so long and i type too fast so i have to type it like 10’s so annoying

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In Security, along with “remember passwords for sites” is a button reading ‘saved passwords’—see if your Wix pw is on the list. If it is, you can copy and paste.

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it’s not on the list of saved passwords and there’s nothing in “exceptions either”... how do i put it in the saved list?

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Maybe just save it as a text file at easy access and strip it in.

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ya, for now i’ve just been using Xneat clipboard manager to store my usernamd and pass..then just hotkey and use the drop down…seems kinda redundant to just not have to type it all out tho.

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