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How to change iTunes accounts without losing the music?

Asked by holli (487points) August 9th, 2010

I have a joint iTunes account and would like to change to my own individual account. How can I move my songs and videos to the new account?

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It is quite likely that you cannot, depending on how paranoid Apple is about its DRM.

I have no experience with iTunes except as a player, but usually one can find the folders where the music was stored, and copy them from there. Check “My Documents” or else go rooting through the iTunes directory. Failing all else, run a search for ”*.mp3” to help you find the folder that you want.

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Via, iTunes Store, you can’t. You can however just copy over your iTunes music folder, provided those are iTunes Plus (No DRM) or you still have your old account password.

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You can burn all of your purchased music to a CD and then re-import it as MP3s.

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thank you :)

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