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Best course of action to take when confronted by an overly enthusiastic well wisher?

Asked by ucme (50034points) August 10th, 2010

Oh you know the kind. Or maybe you don’t, I dunno. A friend of a friend or maybe distant family member who, upon hearing of your good fortune or a well earned piece of good news just over does the back slapping & so on a little too much. Can’t get rid of them like a leech they’re stuck there. All attempts at courteous removal have fallen on deaf ears. What to do that wouldn’t cause too much offence? This has happened to me on more than one occasion, I must be a soft touch. I normally give a knowing glance to a friend who distracts/removes the offender while I stealthily make good my escape.

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Grasp their hand like you are going to shake hands, then using your arm straight arm them away from you, saying, “Thanks so much for your good wishes.”

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I say stab em

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@marinelife Ahh simple yet effective!! @truecomedian I get your point….or rather they do!

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Personally, I’d take the direct approach. Thank the person one last time for the acknowledgment, tell him/her your appreciate it, and then without smiling add, “No need for further comments on this.” If he takes offense, it’s his problem.

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Punch him in the doo-dads,especially if he is the sneaky “cop-a-feel” type ;)

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I make them recite tongue twisters in Mandarin and if they fail they pay dearly!

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Ooh, good question! I mean, like, REALLY good question… you must be SO proud?! Well done you! Did I mention how great I think your writing is?? So neat, easy to read… Aren’t you good?!


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@lucillelucillelucille Yeah those pesky reach around merchants deserve what’s coming to em, by gum ecky thump….......I seem to have effected a Lancashire twang for no apparent reason XD

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@harple Guard those gonads, i’m getting riled :¬} Scratch that, just found out you’re a woman XD

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@ucme It’s the silent f I’m most impressed by! No gonads, but am sure it would be very painful, so I shall take action to protect myself! (and don’t knock the North, it’s where I hail from!)

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@harple I’m from the North East myself, so you “southeners” are fair game!!

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@ucme ha ha, alreet! It’s a fair cop!

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@harple Aye tha’s not wrang there pet ;¬}

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