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You have three wishes, what do you wish for?

Asked by MoxieGal (358points) August 11th, 2010

Walking along the beach you find a golden bottle halfway buried in the sand. While attempting to dig it out you notice the bottle start to vibrate. Shocked, you let go of the bottle. A puff of smoke surrounds the bottle and out pops a genie.

“I shall grant you three wishes, no more, no less. The only rules are: No wishing for the death of another, No wishing for another to fall in love with you, No wishing for the reincarnation of someone, and oh yes, No wishing for more wishes.”

Good Luck.

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Larry,Curly and Moe….at the same time ;)

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Perfect health, plenty of wealth and a chicken in every pot.

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@ChazMaz, allow me one more time to give you a handshake!

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Id wish for the entire human race to actually see for once what they are doing to this earth and the destruction they are causing.

Id wish for all extinct and threatened life to be restored.

Id wish for wealth.

ok so the last one is a bit selfish, but i am so retardedly poor its not even funny. Who ever said money cant buy happiness has clearly never been where I am. But I know id do a lot of good with money if I ever came into it.

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Some BBQ ribs , Electric Wizard playing a 90 minute set in my bedroom and pot in every chicken

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My first wish is for good health till I die.
My second wish is for meaningful and fulfilling wok.
My third wish is for global calm.

Oh, and I wish this question didn’t keep cropping up. ;-)

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I’d wish for this type of question to take a back seat for a while. The other two wishes – I’ll just put those in my pocket & wait until another genie appears & wish for him to never come out of the bottle again.

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An unlimited, environmentally friendly energy source. Health for myself. Happiness for my fiance.

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Wish One – That’d I’d searched for this question before asking it. :)

Wish Two – That’d I’d never run out of money.

Wish Three – That I had the power to cure anyone of anything as often as I needed to.

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World Peace…..tee hee hee!
Like everybody should hug a fwuffy panda….awww dey so cute!
Last but by no means least, glitter nail polish for all…....sniggers giggles!

Brought to you courtesy of Miss World For all your shinier happier tomorrow’s ;¬}

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Instant healing for every person on earth restoring them to perfect health.

For every country and person’s debts be completely paid in full.

Inner peace.

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1. I wish for the old Fluther back.
2. I wish for wish 1.
3. I wish for real Great Questions and Answers.

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amen to that sir

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

1. A long life with my love
2. A long life for my children
3. Happiness during all of the lives mentioned above.

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@judochop @uberbatman Whenever I hear that, I always mean to ask…do you mean the fluther before I got here…before a year and a half ago?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir for me, yes, its not that I dont enjoy your presence, because I do, its just the quality of fluther has gone down significantly. Id have to say the first year I was on the site was best then it all just started slipping away it was like back then questions were original and thoughtful. Everyday on fluther there was something new and interesting to read if i was away from the comp for a couple hours, i was jonesing for fluther. Now i sit here sifting through my questions (like 60 a day) and like maybe, maybeeeeeee 3 of them. The migrations from other sites really hurt a lot too imo. We gained some great members from it sure, but far more crap users.Im also really not fond at all with all the changes being done to fluther recently…

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@uberbatman Thanks for your honest answer. Quality questions are hard to find.

judochop's avatar

@Simone_De_Beauvoir Yes. I mean the Fluther where we were not allowed to ask questions like this and questions like, Ok, I have this pizza. What toppings should I use? Stuff like that. Seems to me like Fluther has become a place surrounded by small talk. There also are little cliqs that have begun to form and all the GA’s going to people for answering redundantly or simply repeating the answer above them. It just seems the quality has dropped but that is to be expected and I am guilty of it from time to time as well however I keep thinking I am going to log on and see a sea of good questions. When we had that here it was the little simple questions that were fun, now they are just…..meh. Boring. Is it me? I do not rule this out but perhaps it is just me and I need to move on. I dunno. I love it here.

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1. to have my family back together’
2. that my Mom would come back (nice thought)
3. that I stay happy and healthy

El_Cadejo's avatar

@judochop yeaaa my love for what fluther was(and had potential to be again) and some of the people here are what keeps me hangin around.

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@judochop So ask some better questions. I’m looking forward to reading them.

Jude's avatar

and some of the “funny answers” are never funny. In fact, they’re dumb and like a boil in my side. Except for Lucille. She brings the funny (good funny).

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I would wish That i never found the golden bottle.

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@escapedone7 I’m not throwing poop here. This question was asking my three wishes. They are listed above. If you’d like I could compile a list in my spare time of examples.

escapedone7's avatar

@judochop I am not “throwing poop” either. Why would you become so huffy about a suggestion that you be an active part of the solution to the problem you are complaining about?

El_Cadejo's avatar

@escapedone7 your response did come off a bit douchey thus the huff…. and eh some of us arent big on the question asking though and would rather just answer questions all day on fluther. It also doesnt help when you do ask an intelligent question and just get shit for responses either.

And besides even if judochop because mr super awesome man and asked amazingly great questions and gave amazingly great answers the effects would be near nihil when held in contrast to 90% of the other content.

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I’m sorry. I did not mean to come across as being “huffy.” I really work to be an active part of the solution and I felt this was a prime opp to bring it up to the collective. I was serious about compiling a list.
Aside from that I would like to address it as a concern, not a complaint but take it as you will. Up until the change with Fluther you could not ask questions like this and once it was opened to allow questions like this there has been a flood of them, again, I am guilty of this as well. Sometimes it is fun, but in over abundance it is just a clog.

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@judochop I see your side of it, and understand. However, sometimes you need the “fluff” and fun. Sometimes it brings to light some very interesting discussions. Sometimes.

El_Cadejo's avatar

@MoxieGal i hate saying this because I may come off as arrogant and that isnt my intention at all, but you really havent been here long enough at all to know how much better it really used to be.

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hmmm i just noticed i said “judochop because mr super awesome” instead of becomes. I hate when lyrics of a song jump into my typing….

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@uberbatman No worries. No offense taken. :) That’s just one of the downfalls of a site becoming popular on the Internet. More traffic means more people, which means more chances of really stupid questions. Hmm… You’re right, I haven’t been here long. Is there maybe a “That’s a Stupid Question” flag for questions? :) I have a feeling some folks here would have a field day.

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1. For immortality that would end only when I wished it.
2. For perfect health throughout my entire lifetime.
3. For the ability to use magic (as in Harry Potterverse) myself.

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@MoxieGal you mean like, because one of us is not as dumb as all of us?
I always liked that.

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@judochop I am too much of a chicken to point out fluff questions. If the question feels too fluffy (like the ones you listed) I usually don’t answer them (unless I have a really sarcastic & witty response on the tip of my tongue). I try to stay away from fluff, hoping that if everyone else passes on it as well – the original poster (noob or veteran) would get the hint & realize that maybe they should think twice about asking us who are favorite stargate character is & maybe take that to the forums of another site. (sorry Rickover)

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I wasn’t trying to be snooty. Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to be in the world”. I was thinking something like that but I’m not near as poetic or articulate as Gandhi.

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and the internet fails once again at delivering the proper tone in a conversation… lol

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Gandi was a hippy. (see I am guilty of the fluff)

See this question has sparked a good conversation and brought us all a little closer to each other. Awwww GQ and GA’s! Hug it out!!!

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1.) To honestly be 100% in control of my emotions
2.) To be able to read everyones mind
3.) To be healthy and never feel physical pain

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To see my daughter
To know my direction
The third is a secret

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Money money money (and sung to the tune of…)

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Food Folks and Fun

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