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Am I going to fail Pre-IB programme?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) August 11th, 2010

I am starting in the Pre-IB Programme in 5 days. I am really nervous since it’s in another country. English is my second language. I do speak well, but sometimes I don’t understand.
I just need some help on succeed.

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Why are you worrying you’ll fail? Have you taken any schooling in this other country? And what if you do fail – is that the end of the world?

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I doubt you’ll fail.

the idea of the pre-IB programs is to bring your skills up to the level required for the IB program.

Do you have an IELTS or TOEFL score? If yuor score is 5.5 or above on the IELTS, for example, you’ll be fine. Judging by your writing, I’d say you can achieve that score without too much trouble if you don’t have it.

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@papayalily , I am scared of falling because I am not good at doing Oral Presentations , in high school -grade 10. Every time me and my group were supposed to present our Oral when I get in front of the whole class I always get so nervous and start shaking/panicking/pause/shut up and I always looked like a fool. I just couldn’t speak up:/
I guess I could say that I am stage scared
As for taking any other schooling in this country, no I haven’t, It’s my first time in this country.
And if I fail it sure isn’t the end of the future but I just want to do well in life and provide everything I need for my children if there will be any

@the100thmonkey, pardon me!?:S
Well for all the subjects in graduating 10th grade I had 8,1 = 81 I think
It’s good for me:):):)

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@Thesexier If I remember correctly, IB has many more papers to write than oral presentations. You can also talk to the teacher and ask if you can write a paper instead of speak – they might not let you, but it can’t hurt to ask. But IB is really just a way to get into the best colleges – you can still get into college, and into great colleges, without IB. So relax, and talk to your councilor about making sure you have all the tools you need to succeed. They know you don’t speak English as your first language, and won’t expect you to have a strong a grasp of the language as others.

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great answer @papayalily , thank you! That actually made me feel more relaxed. My goal is just to do my best:):):) And try not to pause when doing oral presentations.
And yeah it couldn’t hurt asking the teacher:)

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@Thesexier: IELTS and TOEFL are commonly deployed tests of English for academic purposes.

Your original post seemed to indicate that you were concerned about your English skills in the context of the pre-IB program you are about to join.

My post was telling you that in my (professional) opinion, your language skills seem good enough (I’ve read other posts by you on this forum) – if your English literacy is generally as good as it is on Fluther, you really needn’t worry too much about your language skills. Remember, it’s a teacher’s job to make sure you understand, so if you don’t or you’re having trouble following, ask your teacher.

The pre-IB programs are there to prepare you for the IB programs – you’ll have the opportunity to practise the skills you need. Presentation practice is a part of this.

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