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How can one "expect the unexpected"?

Asked by ccatron (2073points) August 11th, 2010

honestly, how does one expect something that they didn’t expect? and if you expect something that you don’t expect, then didn’t you expect it? maybe we should just expect something to happen and not get too specific

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By expecting everything.

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I think that phrase simply means to roll with the punches, to not panic when something unexpected happens – you can’t expect the unexpected but you can be flexible when something you didn’t expect happens.

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Stay alert at all times, you never know…..dun dun dun ;¬}

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It means be prepared. Things will change, and you have to be able to respond to new conditions without freezing. You have a plan, but you know things will not go according to plan. Whatever happens, you want to try to get it close to on track, but you have to expect your goals will be changed by circumstances. So don’t be too tied to those goals. If you are, you’ll be disappointed. Worse, you’ll do much worse than if you were willing to change.

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@ucme Love the Dun dun dun. hee hee
Always be on guard. Be leary.

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i know the intention/meaning of the phrase, but i guess I am just bothered by the fact that if you take time to think about it, the phrase is nonsense. if you are expecting the unexpected, then you’re not expecting the unexpected….you’re just expecting something to happen

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That’s the beauty of advertising, isn’t it?

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By not being absolutely 100% sure of your situation, by keeping in mind that it’s never sure and can change at any moment (sort of). Something like that.

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“expecting the unexpected” has a clinical name….. Paranoia

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