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Are you interested in anything you don't particularly believe in?

Asked by DominicX (28777points) August 11th, 2010

For example, I don’t believe in the supernatural per se, but I couldn’t be more interested in it. Unsolved Mysteries is one of my favorite shows, I write horror stories involving the supernatural and paranormal, I read about it, etc. I’m not really going to believe it until I see it, but I love to hear, read, and write about it.

Also, I consider myself an agnostic but I love religious classical music, choral music, mass settings, Catholic ceremonies, rituals, and art; I’m very interested in a lot of aspects of Catholicism and other religions despite being an agnostic.

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I don’t believe in the El chupacabra, but I love reading things about it. && I love hearing my grandmother tell me all the stories and legends about them she heard as a girl when she lived in Puerto Rico.

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@DominicX what you mention is exactly what I would have said.

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I don’t believe world peace will happen in my lifetime, but I am intensely interested in organizations that provide clean drinking water where none was available before. Or people who risk death by reaching across ideological lines in countries where the rule of law doesn’t exist. And those that give free education to girls and women in lands where females have no political rights.

I read articles about these types of things and many more and make small contributions where I can.

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Excellent question @DominicX. I am very interested in the Mayan doomsday prophecy, but I don’t believe it will happen. I also love learning about monsters, like El chupacabra, but I don’t necessarily believe in them.

gotta love The History Channel

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Yes. I’m interested in magic and religion, which I think are essentially the same thing (or two sides of one coin), because I’m interested in what people believe and why. But I don’t believe in either one myself.

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Religion is the thing that immediately sprang to mind. I’ve always been kind of fascinated by it. Specifically the differences between religions, and how they affect one’s view of the world.

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I am interested in all sorts of mythology.

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Yes, I keep up somewhat with the politics and hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church; I am not Catholic.

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Two things,
1. Extra terrestrial life (there must be, mustn’t there?)
2. Fascinated by serial killers. Needless to say I don’t believe in their crimes but does hold a strange fascination for me.Their history, why they did it, how did they become that way etc.

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Bigfoot sightings

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Time travel. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept but pretty much convinced it can’t be done.

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@Austinlad Oooh, good one. I love the idea, but can’t wrap my head around it. Paradoxes befuddle me!

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The structure of our Government would be it for me. The 2 party system that rules to roost has infected our core ability to actually govern the will of the people and this 2 party system is now a controlling arm of our government directly influenced by the financial goals of big corporate entities. So I may not believe in this controlling element of our Government but I have to live with it and try and understand how I can make the best of it or possible help change it with what I have to work with.

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When thinking about problems in science/maths/philosophy I often think of hypothetical examples that are sometimes impossible in the real world as far as I know, but the knowledge gained from the logic used in those examples can sometimes can be translated into the real world.

I don’t believe all these hypothetical examples to be true but they’re interesting.

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Yes, of course, but there are exceptions such as celebrity hype. I’m very eager to understand why people believe in weird things for example.

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I find horoscopes and tarot card readings fun, but really believing in them for me is hard. The fantasy, child-like side of my brain does war with my logical side. Oh, and I like trying to believe, really really hard, that one day the winning lottery numbers will come to me magically. ;)

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don’t particularly believe in = waist of time

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I’m like you and very interested in the parnormal and supernatural. I loved watching the x-files in my teens and now a days I like to listen to the Paranormal Podcast. Also a big fan of coast to coast am.

But do I believe in it? I wouldn’t really say I do, but I am open to the possibility of there being some unexplained phenomena in the world.

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I remember being positively fascinated by the intricate world view of the Flat Earth Society.
That was a while ago, though.

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I don’t believe dragons exist. I am a dragon. I am also convinced of my existence.

I don’t believe there are auras. I can see auras—sometimes—I think it’s an optical effect due to aging eyes. I like seeing them, except at night when they distract me from seeing the road.

I don’t believe you can travel outside your body. I want to be a shaman.

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I’m with you, I have a great interest in the supernatural, especially ghosts and hauntings. I won’t say I don’t believe in it whatsoever, but I’m a hell of a lot more skeptical on that subject than anything else. I also love stuff like magic, demons and creepy books like the Necronomicon that have been based on even creepier, actual books.

And of course, I totally love zombies, but I don’t believe for a second that could ever exist.

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Coffee reading!! It’s so weird cause every time I get mines read something accurate always comes up, but I don’t necessarily believe in it.

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Count me among those who research criminals (last night I stayed up rather late reading about the Dnepropetrovsk spree killers – it was terrifying stuff and made me feel ill.) When I mention my interest to friends, they either ask if I want to study criminology professionally… or if I’m a sympathizer. Neither is true.

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I think soothsaying is usually deliberately crafted to sound accurate to anyone who is likely to hear it. It should be easy to be specific on the things that are usually true and vague on everything else, and still sound like you’re saying something useful.

I see in my orb that you are a favourable person. I think you have been in a relationship that ended badly. You are open-minded, but also a critical thinker. You seek happiness, but might not immediately recognise it once you find it. For a while now you have been looking for spirituality, but you are not completely convinced by any existing religion. Next month you will meet a stranger who has the potential to become very important to your life.

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@Fyrius =) that makes practical sense.

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I’m interested in true crime and violence though I am a peacable person and don’t believe in violence of any sort. I am interested in why it happens.

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Another one here on the religion bandwagon. Reading about Greek and Roman mythology as a child was the first step. In my teens, I started to question Christianity instead of just accepting it as fact. Since I got out in the world and had the opportunity to hear other religious beliefs from friends, it has opened up a whole new world of learning, despite now being self-classified as an agnostic.

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Agnosticism seems like the ideal vantage point to study religions from. Impartial and non-judgemental.


I’m interested in Bruce Lee films though I’ve never really“liked” them or Bruce Lee himself at all. I just watch them to see how silly, 1970ish, and “anti-Japanese” they are, and to see how cocky and psycho Bruce Lee was when he was fighting.

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I’m an atheist but religions fascinate me, all of them, the way they have evolved and fragmented and more so the way people can devote themselves so fully to them. That mindset is so alien to me but I always feel that I must try and understand it.

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