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What is the value of .03 x .50?

Asked by Bradles25 (1points) August 12th, 2010

what is the value of .03 x .50
a 0.150 b 0.015 c 1.500 d 0.530
please help me to understand this question thanks

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Try converting everything to exponential notation or think “what is half of .03?”.

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Like @stranger_in_a_strange_land said…what is 3 percent of 50 percent? Or 50 percent of 3 percent?? One and a half a percent (.015) is your answer. I didn’t think school started for another 2 weeks??

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it’s a, 0.150

Forget about part, think about multiplying 3×50 which gives 150.

Considering the part makes it 0.150.

Hope it helped!

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The old school way to multiply decimals (before calculators) is to do straight multiplication.
.03 x .50 is the same as 3×50 (03 is 3) 3×50 = 150. In your original problem you have 4 decimal places. Starting at the zero, move left 4 places. Since 150 is only three places, add a 0 before the 1 = .0150

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0.03 x 0.50
= 0.03 / 2
= 0.015

that’s how i would have solved it.

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The trailing 0’s mean nothing so it is .03 X .5

So now you count decimal places. There is three. This is important.

Multiply 3 X 5 and you get 15.

15 is a integer so a decimal is implied at the end.

Now you need to move the decimal three places to the left giving you .015

Lets do another:

.365 X .0432135 <= 10 digits combined are to the right of the decimal places.

365 X 432135 multiply these. Noticed I removed the zero at the beginning of the second number.

Now we have 157729275

So now we need to move the invisible decimal point on the right ten places to the left giving us .0157729275

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@Atheros You’re wrong, unfortunately.

Follow @johnpowell‘s advice!

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Multiplying X by a number below 1 can never be more than X.
It’s okay to forget the 0.xx part for a bit and apply normal math, but don’t forget that when you’re multiplying by a number between 0 and 1, you go downwards in decimal points, not upwards.

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I better not mention which level of maths I’m attending, my teacher would exterminate me instantly.

@Bradles25 I am sorry, I gave you the wrong answer. I have holidays, haven’t touched maths for 2 months, and a driving test today. Please forgive me :)

Of course it’s 0.03 / 2 which gives your answer b, 0.015

Damn I feel ashamed…

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@Atheros Props for taking responsibility like a man instead of editing your answer ;)

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Seconded. :)

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It is invariably /b/, 0.015.

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