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Do I have Diabetes?

Asked by silvermoon (753points) August 12th, 2010

Last week I went for a regular blood test and my results also picked up that my blood sugar levels are elevated. My doctor has now requested that I go and take a 2 hour glucose tollerance test. Does this mean that she’s confirming that I have diabetes?

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The test that your doctor has ordered will give you more information. An elevated glucose on a panel does not mean that you have diabetes, but it does indicate that further investigation is warranted.

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@syz Last year I found out I have a syndrome and was told that woman with it are more likely to get diabetes and I was already borderline last year. The fact my blood test read that my blood sugar levels evevated is worrying me, the last thing I need is to add diabetes to the mix.

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If you want to find out for sure you need to seek a health professional. You can’t be diagnosed without blood being taken and a physical. So if you want a finite answer go see your primary care physician.

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It is possible if this is the second time you have had elevated blood sugar levels that you have diabetes. If not, that you are borderline.

You can alter your diet and exercise patterns to stave it off if you don’t have it.

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@silvermoon – If by “a syndrome” you mean PCOS, insulin resistance is a common symptom. Your doc may be testing you for that, or pre-diabetes, or diabetes, or any number of things. Docs who do tests are good. However, we at Fluther can’t know what she’s thinking, and we can’t really diagnose you. We’re just regular folks; most of us are not medical professionals.

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It means that she is checking to see if you have diabetes. I don’‘t know that a 2 hour tolerance test is sufficient. You may end up getting an even longer test depending on the results of this one.

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Thanks everyone for your information. A week after I asked this question I found out I have “Impaired Glucose Tollerance” aka Borderline Diabetes.

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Diabetes test – diabetes is only diagnosed through blood test. Even if the result is positive, it needs to be reconfirmed on another day.

Oral glucose tolerance test measures the body’s ability in glucose metabolism and clearing excess glucose in the blood.

I don’t thinks your doctor confirmed you as diabetes, but he wants to confirm that you don’t have it thus he advised Oral glucose tolerance test.

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You may be able to control that with diet, but you really do need to keep in touch with your doctor while doing so. Don’t wait… get a diabetic diet book today and start!

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