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What stayed the same as you got older?

Asked by Vunessuh (16712points) August 12th, 2010

This question is inspired by JLeslie’s question.

Aside from your physical appearance, can you think of anything about yourself that has stayed the same over the years?

Perhaps your ideas or opinions regarding certain things?
Maybe your perspective/philosophy/attitude regarding certain things?
Your ideals or morals?
Your personality traits/flaws?
Your relationships/friendships?
Your goals/passions?

Why do you think these things about yourself and your life have never changed?

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Lack of social skills.

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I have always been an animal lover.
My love of music.
I’ve always had a problem with being late (for most things).
My sense of adventure.

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My sense of humour & zest for life!!

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My ideals and opinions on many issues have remained the same. I’ve been mostly liberal for a long time. My ideas and opinions have developed, certainly, more has been added to them and they are more focused, but the basic ideas have not gone away. This includes all kinds of issues, social is what I have in mind mostly.

My love of classical music is still there; I’ve added many more genres to my “favorite music”, but classical is still there and hopefully will stay forever.

I think these things haven’t changed because they have proven themselves positive and true.

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My interests have never changed. As far as I can remember I always liked everything that was horror. I think it defines me, and I will lose my soul the day I decline horror.
Also, my pillow obsession, I think, was put in my brain when I was a fetus lol.

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People, and the way they interact.

lewispratt's avatar

my hate for the well known group of people in England….chavs

Hawaii_Jake's avatar

my sexuality. I knew I was different by the time I was 8 or 9, but I didn’t have a name for it. I knew I was gay by the time I got to high school, but I stayed in the closet until I was 34. Despite being in the closet, I always knew I was gay.

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My inherent desire to test the limits of anything and everything. Sweat is good!

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I have a lot of verve.

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My sense of humor, my liberalism and my passion for reading.

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I still love Maiden and I still am an atheist (and will forever be one)

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My introverted, shy personality. I wasn’t too shy in college, but I seem to have become very shy again the last couple of years.
I don’t think I could ever be extroverted. That would basically be denying a part of who I am. If I were to try to be an extrovert it would be annoyingly fake.

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I guess my style, though I am still 16. I’ll let you know when I get older!

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what I meant to say was, I guess my style now is kinda funky-ish, unique, comfy, not everyone has them, don’t ware the same as others, punk/scene is kinda my insperation too, but I don’t do the make up as them….something like that otherwise I’ll let you know:D

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I would say my introverted personality. Everyone used to say I would eventually “outgrow” it when I got older.

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As a younger fella I used to think that I needed to choose a side.

“A side Jon?”, you ask with an adorable, slightly puzzled look on your face.

Yes, you, I always felt like I needed to be on one side or another of all of the “big” debates.

You pause, wondering if you want to continue this line of questioning. Curiosity wins out. “Big debates? Jon, are you drinking again?”

Yes. Yes I am, although I don’t see what that has to do with anything. To answer your question, “Big debates” are along the lines of your religious/political/societal debates. As a young man I thought it was very important that I take a side and defend it to the death.

As I have gotten older I have come to the conclusion that there are no “sides”. I realized that we have been sold the idea of “sides” so that we are easier to control.

“Easier to control?”, you cry. “Just what in the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

Whoa, you. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? It makes us easier to control because it is a way to keep up constantly at each other’s throats instead of allowing us to all come together and look at how an elite few decide the fate of multitudes. It keeps us angry and scared. If you stand back and truly look at things with no bias you can see the ridiculousness of arguing most of the shit we all argue about.

Go Team Me!

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“Hey Jon! You read the body of the question wrong. ^^”, you point out with a little too much enthusiasm.

fuck you, you

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I have changed profoundly in many ways, and also remained the same.

My core self, enthusiasm for life, humor, integrity, all remain intact.

What has changed are many outdated beleifs, ideas about things that I have challenged to be nothing more than programming, conditioning.

I am fully integrated at this time, I need nothing outside myself to enhance my sense of self anymore.

Not a certain job, relationship, lifestyle, car, dress size, X amount of $‘s in the bank.

My identity is solid without any exterior props to validate.

It’s incredibly liberating, just living, being, wit no contrivances, no pretenses, and no need for anything to be a certain way for happiness.

My happiness, fulfillment and joy, just is. :-)

The age of wisdom rocks!

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It’s difficult to pin down, but I’d say that my inherent sense of being alone no matter what is the same.

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My mortgage payments have stayed the same for the past 20 years. finally made that last payment in April, 2010.

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You know what else? My love for Roger Daltrey. From the first time I saw him on the cover of that album where he was a centaur until now. I expect that to stay with me until I die.

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I still love comedy, movies and music.

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I still play air guitar to records I bought when I was 13.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

My dislike of authority, my sense of justice, my policy to always offer help to others.

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I’m as cynical as I ever was! :-/

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My perky outlook ;)

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My ability to do pushups! Look ma no hands!!!

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Just about everything has stayed the same, my opinions, my personality, my tastes and even my friends.

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My kindness to others. I was and still am kind to people even if I don’t know them. The only people I am rude to are the people who don’t deserve respect.

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