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What side effects can I get from getting the tetanus shot about 2 years ago, and got one yesterday, when you are supposed to get one every 10 years?

Asked by niks1112 (410points) August 13th, 2010

I’m currentley undergoing the process of getting my green card and one of the requirements was the tetanus shot, I got one about 2 years ago back home ( Canada) and they never filed my papers over, so the doctor here in the US told me that he was just going to give me the shot because they never received my medical history from my previous doctor, yesterday I got the shot and it hurt but no biggie, since this morning my arm has progressively getting worse, it has been very bothersome, it is hard for me to move my arm, it became very red and swollen around the shot, and I got a slight bump on it, I’m guessing those are pretty common symptoms but I was wondering if it might be because I got it done 2 years ago and it’s having a reaction twords already having that fluid in my body, cause I know its required every 10 years, any information is helpful. Thank you

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Have you told the doctor about this since it’s hurting you?

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@KaylaKing no I haven’t yet because i have been in school all day and haven’t been able to call and ask, I willntomorrow, but I just wanted some opinions or I guess more of information nd examples of whatbhas happened to people or so

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…receiving more doses than recommended can lead to increased local reactions, such as painful swelling of the arm.

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@augustlan but adding to that, can there be any more complications? Or worse side effects?

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I didn’t see anything to suggest there could be anything worse than that, but I’m not a doctor. It can’t hurt to call yours tomorrow. :)

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@augustlan thank you and yes I will I just asked fluther to give me some answers before I call the doctor tomorrow

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Your doctor can tell you the answer because there are several kinds(brands and types). However. I would not think it is a big worry because If you get a puncture or deep scratch it is always wise to check with your doctor to see if you need an immediate shot no matter when you had your last one. I work a farm and I have had to get them on occassion earlier. I am sure many other occupations have to too.
However I have not had a reaction but once or twice. So do give the doctor or nurse a call, I see you already plan to. It is some what reassuring to have flurther to ask while you wait.

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I am accident prone and have been getting the tetanus shot about every 5 years. Sometimes I have mild flu type symptoms the next day but that is usually gone by the next day. If you have swelling and redness and pain that lasts more that an hour or two you may have an infection caused by improper or contaminated used for the shot or an allergic reaction to some component in the shot. I would go back to the doctor or to an emergency room immediately. Your reaction is not normal.

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Nothing. I had one in 2006, after getting injured. I had no clue when I had gotten one prior so they do it to be safe. I had a bad reaction on my arm, so it’s possible I had gotten one within 10 years. The doctor (ER doc) said it was fine to get, better safe than sorry.

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FWIW, I always have a lump and soreness in my arm after a tetanus shot. The flu shot does it to me, too.

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