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Can I see a doctor by myself now I am 16 years old (In the UK)?

Asked by TheOnlyException (2182points) April 3rd, 2010

Can I make an appointment at my local surgery and see a GP by myself now I am 16?
And does the doctor have to keep anything I say to them confidential?
As I said I am in the UK (so no need for medical insurance etc. like in the States)

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I’m almost sure you can, best give you medical centre a call & ask their advice ;-)

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Yes. You can go an see your doctor alone even before you are 16.

Anything you tell the doctor is confidential at any age unless they believe that you or someone else may be at risk.

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Yes you can see your doctor alone if you are over the age of fourteen according to :-

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“Can I make an appointment at my local surgery and see a GP by myself now I am 16?
And does the doctor have to keep anything I say to them confidential?”

Yes and Yes,
but bear in mind your GP is probably going to know/be somehow obscurely related to your parents!
Even my GP broke confidentiality and spoke to my dad!! and they only know each other as patient-doctor!

I changed GP because that guy was a dick, and also because he – and my previous GP – were both uncles of this one friend from school….
My new GP? His mum!

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yes, yes you can x

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@The_Idler Yeah our GP is one of the “cool” ones ahem
She really buddies up to my mother especially and any appointment just turns into a 20 minute gossip session 0_o
but she is a great doctor, so taking the chance she will follow her hippocratic oath or whatever the hell it is

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@The_Idler You could report the doctor to your NHS trust for that, if you really wanted to.

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Certainly can….. In fact, you’d have been allowed to from about the age of 10yrs old. & everything that happens between you & your Dr is confidential unless you specify otherwise.

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from 10? damn. wish I’d know THAT earlier hahaha
thanks for your answer :)

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@TheOnlyException Yeh, it’s one of those, discretion things…. if the Doc thinks you’re competent to make your own decisions then Bobs your uncle.

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ooh competence is not my forté
questionable internet drugs it is! haha

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@TheOnlyException Hahahahahaha…..... thank you for that most unexpected response :)

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thats alright, thought i should show you what IS my forté! :P

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