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Best place to stash cash for 3 years?

Asked by saservp (291points) August 13th, 2010

Hi, All. I am saving up to buy something. I currently have ±$10,000 and will continue to be contributing $1,500/mo towards my goal for the next three years.

I have been putting my money in with about 2% interest, but in my head I have been calculating interest as just a little bonous. However, I was wondering where else I should look to get maybe a better rate?

My money does not need to be at all liquid for three years so I figure that has to give me some leverage. CDs and all bank rates are terrible everywhere I look. I’ve looked at and which may be possibilities though.

Any advice?

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Again, banks are only offering up to 2% right now. The link you sent offers 0.6%

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@saservp I guess that I got a better deal. Sorry

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I would look into bond funds….I have no real recommendation but the bond funds in my 401 have weathered the financial storm the last 2 years with over a 3.8% return. I’d contact a broker or do research at or Motley to start your own reasearch.

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A money market account at Wachovia can get you 3.75% with a $10,000 minimum balance. Since you have that base, that may be the way to go. Check money market account rates.

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Rates are going to be horrible now wherever you look. Anything that offers you a high rate will have a high risk of losing the investment. I agree that if you want something reasonably safe, check out a bond fund. Make sure the fees are low, like Vanguard or a similar company. You don’t want, for instance, to be investing in something that has a 2% rate of return but a 1% fee. Vanguard has short term index bond funds that might work for you.

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I don’t do this but check out the rates on .

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ING Direct

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With the financial uncertainty around for the next 3 years, consider putting it in gold or precious metals.

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@ETpro I disagre. Gold is too volatile, and has reached a peak recently. Also, it’s hard to get real gold as opposed to just gold “on paper”, and the fees are high.

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@Rarebear You may well be right. I have not checked recently. I just know the gold dealer Glenn Beck is pitching is a total rip-off.

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