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Why do pop-ups keep popn' when I have them blocked?

Asked by valdasta (2144points) August 13th, 2010

I never had a problem with pop-ups before on the internet; they have been blocked, but recently they keep coming up especially when I visit my online banking site.

I tried messing with the settings – I blocked everything, but my wife couldn’t get on Fb because I had all coockies blocked (I think it said).

p.s. I am one jelly that is not tech savvy [as if you already couldn’t tell] so I am asking for someone to humor me…help a fellow Flutherite.

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What browser an OS do you use?

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Aggressive popups are often a sign of a malware infection. Run a scan with your antivirus. If you have a Windows PC, try running MRT.EXE from a command prompt if you have nothing else.

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Facebook is becoming more of an infection, that a place of pleasure for us all. run a computer scan and see what developes. i had to purchase a new anti-viruse program, Defender Pro, and it seems to work great. no problems, so far. its at WalMart…$40.00.

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@wilhel1812 Vista…windows explorer

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Ah, the double-whammy of crappy Microsoft goods.

Historically, IE has always been about as secure as a house with an open door with a flashing neon sign saying “Free Stuff!!!”. Vista has it’s own issues, but they are not related to your pop-up problem.

Firefox doesn’t do the pop-up thing unless you explicitly allow it to, and unlike the alleged “pop-up blockers” for IE, it really doesn’t allow pop-ups. You get the occasional warning that a site tried to open one and a choice as to whether or not to allow it, but it does not happen.

Chrome is not bad if you just need a very basic browser without all the bells and whistles, but I find it to be like a car without a radio; not too comfortable for long periods. You may like it better though (my wife does) so I mention it here.

As long as you run IE, you are going to have this issue.

While you are at it, get Avira Free and do a sweep. It’s over 99% effective unlike most anti-virus programs and is free also unlike many AV programs. If it beats Norton, McAffee, and damn near everyone else and doesn’t cost a dime, what do you have to lose?
What Avira doesn’t cach, Spybot S&D generally can; it targets a different kind of malware.

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@jerv will Avira Free do a sweep then fix some of my problem, but hold out on me to get me to buy the full version?

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@valdasta Sweep and fix? Yes. The anti-virus part alone is totally free for home use.

However, whenever it updates, it will bring up a pop-up of it’s own asking you to upgrade to the full suite with firewall.

The free version is a fully-functional anti-virus program. And considering how effective it is compared to other products (2nd of 19 in on-demand testing and better than most at recognizing new viruses that aren’t in the database yet, in case you don’t update for a couple of weeks) I consider closing a pop-up that can be ignored without compromising your AV protection to be a small price to pay.

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@jerv I am now using Firefox, but the pop-ups still happen (using windows explorer while I am using Firefox). Is there a way to disable Windows Explorer?

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