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Will my tree live?

Asked by valdasta (2144points) August 13th, 2010

I have a tree (fully grown) in my yard that is already losing its leaves (8/12/10). I am not sure what kind of tree it is; I was trying to identify it. It may be a type of beech tree.

There is ivy covering one third of the length of the trunk. I am assuming that this may very well be the culprit of the tree losing its leaves.

I am wondering (if it is the ivy causing the damage) if I pull of the ivy, will my tree revive or will I have to kiss it goodbye?

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Hard to tell without being there and being a professional arborist, but I would pull all the ivy off right now. And don’t forget the root system.

Are there any dead limbs that you could prune?

This summer we have noticed that all the perennials are blooming c. two weeks earlier than normal, or what used to be normal. Also true with the wild flowers along the roadsides.

Some trees may be behaving the same way. It has been unseasonably hot and very dry.

You should ID the tree and read up about its care and feeding on Google. Then see what happens next spring.

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@gailcalled Would it be better to cut off the ivy at the base of the tree and let it die rather than pulling it off? I was thinking it would lose some of its grip on the tree. It’s been the same type of season in the northeast, plus dry, so I don’t think I’d be overly concerned about the leaves dropping early.

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@Adirondackwannabe: Yes, that is easier than trying to coil yards of vine around your wrist and elbow. You do want to remove the dead stuff when it turns brown, however.

(You and I live in the same area, horticulturally speaking. I was praying for rain yesterday and all I got was heavy cloud cover that blocked the meteor shower. Today is overcast but no rain predicted until Mon., Tues., Wed.)

Chicory, Queen Anne’s Lace and purple loosestrife all aflower much too early here.

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Where do you live?

If you are in California we have had a milder than usual summer, and I have noticed some of my trees starting to drop their leaves early too. Mostly Oaks although my tomatos have not ripened yet and many of my flowers seem to be fading sooner than usual.

I don’t think the Ivy is an issue, I have seen lots of trees with ivy growing on them.
Perhaps, but you would have to consult an arborist on that.

If the Ivy is in the canopy and is interfering with the trees photosynthesis processes, maybe.

BUT…if you are on the west coast it seems fall is coming early this year.

Also, don’t forget, we are losing daylight quickly now and this triggers trees to start dropping their leaves.

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@Coloma I am in Michigan. This is the only tree I have noticed losing its leaves. Oh, and the ivy has not reached the canopy.

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