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Who would be the ideal President of Afghanistan, from an American perspective?

Asked by sferik (6086points) August 13th, 2010

It seems clear that Hamid Karzai’s inability to rein in government corruption has become a liability to the American effort to secure and rebuild Afghanistan. That said, I’m not sure who would be better. Is there another Afghan leader who would be immune from corruption and could effectively eliminate it from government institutions?

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Anyone who would be an obedient puppet and who could control the country.
A despot like Saddam.

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Afghanistan is not Iraq. Western style democracy will not work in Afghanistan until a significant portion of the populace learns to read and write.

Democracies only work if the people are educated enough to question authority.

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How do we know he’s corrupt or inept? Maybe he doesn’t have the right resources.
But he is a Unocal man, so perhaps he is indeed corrupt or inept.

I think George Bush should go over there and run the place. A kinder, gentler form of corruption.

Most likely, actually, we should keep Karzai, and send our troops into Taliban areas. But only if they really are Taliban controlled areas! But honestly I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about on this issue, like 99% of America

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What @ragingloli said.

The real question is why it is so important that there is an American perspective to the leadership in a third world, backwater shithole.

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Democracy, like any form of government, will work to some extent in any nation on the planet. The problem is that Democracy, like any form of government, requires STRONG leaders who have the backing of the majority of the populous, and at least the respect of the majority.

Hamid Karzai lacks those qualities. No one in the Taliban has those qualities either, they just use fear to keep people in line. I do not know internal Afghan politics nearly well enough to name a candidate for you, but they NEED someone who the people there can get behind. Agreed though Karzai does not appear to be him.

(I want to say there was a rebel leader who died within a year or so of our initial invasion who was widely popular and we backed to help take down the Taliban… too bad he died, he could be the silver bullet we need)

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Ben Kingsley’s look alike does ok

@ragingloli remember when the US liked Saddam?

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@anartist . . . remember which president’s daddy put saddam into power when he was head of the cia?

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The American perspective should not matter. Sort your own house out first.

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How about Osama? Then at least you’d know where he was!

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USA often supported indirectly and secretly undemocratic leaders in the past(I think I read it in Blowback? Or it might be Lies My Teacher Told Me). Despotic leaders tend to be easier to control since democratic leaders have the support of the population in general and thus is most likely to serve their wishes.
Therefore, my belief is that the US will (in the public) advocate the need for democracy and support any (in secret) despotic ruling.

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Someone who can rebuild infrastructure as quickly and cheaply as possible.

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I think in the interests of fairness the Afghans should have a say in who should be president of the United States of America.

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