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Why is pain different when coming from different sources?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) August 13th, 2010

I was unbraiding (my spellcheck says that isn’t a word, but… I’ve definitely heard it before) my hair a few days ago, and my mom was helping me. It hurt a lot when she would unbraid some of the braids, but when I would do braids, it didn’t hurt as much.

Why is this, when it’s the same hair on the same person, just another person inflicting it?

And no, she wasn’t pulling harder in the least bit. If anything, I was pulling harder than she was.

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It’s the nerve endings that advise us of pain, which tells us something is wrong. Nerve endings, of course, are in different spots, therefore not all spots are in pain.

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@MissA – but why is it different when coming from different people? I mean, it didn’t hurt as much when I pulled out the braids, but when my mom did it, it hurt way more. And she wasn’t pulling any harder.

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Well, whether it’s a punch a kick or even a knee a hefty blow to the gonads is going to hurt like hell. I don’t care what your name is :¬(

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@ucme : I don’t have gonads, so I can’t empathize.

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From head hair to gonads…a little leap there.

@troubleinharlem Anything hurts more when someone else does it…take a needle for example. I prefer to do my own shots.

I misunderstood you at first. Thanks for clarifying.

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@MissA : No problem, I was struggling trying to explain what I was asking. xD

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I think it is because you know what’s coming. I would always want to rip off my own bandages. for example.

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You probably don’t realize that when you are doing it and feel a slight tug, you become a little more careful. Where as when you mom is doing it she has no idea there is a slight tug till you go yelp. By then it was a large tug.

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Because our brain has the capability to create different illusions. All pain is created in the brain. It helps us survive.

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