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Does anyone know who sings the song on the current Saab commercial (UK)?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11266points) August 13th, 2010

Saab has had some great songs on their commercials. Currently, there is a song on a Saab commercial that I cannot seem to find anywhere. The lyrics are something like ” I’ve got secrets you don’t know…a piano that shoots arrows like a bow…” (at least that’s what I think it says! :) Or “a piano shooting arrows like a bow.” It’s sung by a female singer…and she may possibly be Swedish.

Anyone have any idea? It is the current Saab commercial running in the UK.

Thanks in advance!

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Think you could find a video of the commercial to show us?

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I already tried that Randy….: ( I could not find one…that’s why I came to the boards. I will give it another go.

Thanks for responding.

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Yeah, I searched for about 30 minutes looking for the commercial itself and couldn’t find it either. If you figure it out, or find the video, be sure to let me know. Good luck!

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I’ve done some digging.

The video can be found on youtube

The track is called New way, by Ana Diaz. I had a look and it is available on itunes.

Saab have also created a microsite around that commercial which looked pretty cool.

I hope that was what you were after :-)

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@AC…EUREKA!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU! I looked for ages and could not turn it up.

@Randy…Thank you for helping in the search, too. I so appreciated the time you took to do that.

All the best….and kisses and hugs from DR!

Lurve coming…...

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By the way…just hunted it down….if you buy her MP3 of this song on I-Tunes…she is buying a fridge for a friend in Rwanda with the proceeds (or so it says on her Facebook page).

(And no, I have no connection to the singer/song…just really like her voice.)

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@DarlingRhadamanthus Glad to be of service ;-)

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