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How to let go when I can't find something?

Asked by zwingli (606points) August 13th, 2010

How do I let go of that feeling of just wanting to stay up all night and look for this thing I lost?

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The thing you lost is in your dreams. Go get it.

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try distracting yourself until you’re really tired. watch your favorite movie, read a good book, play some video games, maybe just mess around on fluther, then let yourself sleep!

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Realize that it’s dead and you’re chasing ghosts. Ghosts that can never be caught, because they don’t exist in the first place.

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I hate that feeling. I lost my bank card for a week and it drove me crazy. Just think that tomorrow is another day and you’ll find it then. You’re better rested and your mind is clearer to search for it.

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Given that I am a little hyper especially when agitated and have a touch of OCD, I find that things don’t stay lost for long.

Whether or not my surroundings look like an F4 tornado went through is another matter entirely…

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Try putting it in perspective. It was nice having it, but will not having it affect your life that much? Is it so irreplaceable it is worth losing sleep over? Soon you’ll forget about it. Things come and go. Life goes on, and more pleasantly if you allow it to.

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Convince yourself you never had it; it was a dream.

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Write it on a piece of paper with the heading “Land of the lost”.and stick it on your refrigerator. When you find it, cross it off the list.

I am sure it is next to my Fiskars that disappeared last month.

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Play a game on Facebook. this will accomplish two points. one…the game will get your mind off the lost item and two….playing the game will make you sleepy. works for me. john

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I found it! :)

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Did you see my Fiskars? Oh, and the yellow card table chair.

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