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How/why would one of my own questions be edited by someone else?

Asked by Austinlad (16298points) August 14th, 2010

I just tried to look at the latest responses to one of my questions and get the message it’s being edited. If not by me, who???

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It has gone to moderation. You will probably be getting a message from the mods.

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Correction… it’s one of my answers that’s being edited that has already been responded to by many people. Do mods do that?

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Oh, now I understand. The original question, which wasn’t mind, is being edited, not my answer. Got it.

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Just for the record, all of the moderators and staff have the ability to push a question back to the user, for them to edit.
Only the staff and the original asker are able to actually go in and edit the question.

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Oh, good. I was worried for a minute there!

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You don’t think there’s a maniacal editor on the loose, running around and wreaking havoc?

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Stealth Mod Gremlins who want to control everyone, even if it is only in a virtual world.

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We prefer the term Stealth Mod Ninjas, thank you very much. :p

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