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What do you think Victoria's secret is?

Asked by clarice (244points) January 29th, 2010

This one I’ve always wanted to know but no one could give me a satisfactory answer!

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That David is gay?

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That she is actually a he?

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that the products are insanely cheap to manufacture and the company is making tons of profits.

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1. Use less fabric
2. Jack up the price
3. Profit.

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We’ll never know, Ray the dude who started the biz jumped off the Golden Gate 5 years after he started it…his secret went with him.

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Apparently, how to sell cheaply made, uncomfortable crap at ridiculous prices.

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There is money to be made making someone you love feel like a whore.

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The secret is actually no secret: Scantily clad ladies sell what ever they are hawking. In this case the scantily clad ladies are selling scanty clothes. Hefner has been selling magazine for years with the same “secret”.

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Secret: They have mastered the art of making tiny boobs look humungo!! I have “handful” sized tatas and when I put on one of their bras the look as if they could choke me! I have said my piece, I will stop talking about my boobs now :D

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Monk is all for boob talk

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It’s a women’s clothing store, consisting mostly of lingerie and pajamas.

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@njnyjobs Thats what might answer was going to be. Lurve! Also, that there is no way that those models wear the bras straight out of the factory, they have to be specially made because Victoria’s Secret does not make bras for girls with big breast and have small frames! None of their lingerie fit! Liars

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that their models are aliens.

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@TheLoneMonk : hehehe you made me blush so bad! :$

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~Pops head up~ “Hey, did somebody say boobies?!”

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A wonderful clothing store where you buy something the Wife can only wear for a few moments…

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir : Amen to that!! But I still love their bras and undies ^.^ Hehe

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yes- true @Simone_De_Beauvoir ; the wife gets to keep some them on her body, at least for a few hours!

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Victoria’s Secret is that she really likes anal.

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Push-up inserts.

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First of all Great Question and I marked it accordingly
The answer is quite simple, her clothes are made of aborted fetuses. lol

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal because aborted fetuses are hilarious. right

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I’m trying to keep abreast of the conversation; butt I find myself falling behind. Maybe we can make a clean breast of it by cleaving forward. It’s a little risque for the general pubic, don’t you think? Can we flesh out the matter in a more uplifting fashion? I need to get it off my chest. Where was I? Sorry, lost my train of thought for a moment. Don’t mean to be cheeky, butt with such skimpy, diaphanous examples, they’re hard for me to grasp. I’m not a very good speller either; maybe I can get some of their models to come over and help me explore the matter further, deeper, I mean really delve into it, find out the thrust of the issue. Where was I? Oh yes, now I remember. There were a couple of good points made, actually; butt we really need to surge forward, have a back-and-forth discussion, explore the ins and outs of it.

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@Dilettante, I think you’re going to score with that one.

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She secretly wants your soul…

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That wearing sexy under things, gives a woman confidence, so she carries her self that way.

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I really like most of Victoria’s items. Some of the stuff is not comfortable, but they have lots of nice ‘basic’ items like every day bras and soft underwear. I don’t think most people wear thongs and those fancy but uncomfortable bras every day.. but maybe that is part of the secret!

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