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Are you good at solving puzzles?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) August 14th, 2010

I owned a rubik’s cube once.I was only able to get two sides, unless I took it apart and cheated. On the other hand I rock at crosswords puzzles.

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I’m really good with crosswords and sudoku and jigsaw puzzles, but I totally suck at solving a rubik’s cube.

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I love puzzles. My favorites are the Cryptic Crosswords, which are insanely difficult.

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I suck(ed) at the Rubik’s Cube.
And at sudoku’s, brain teasers and the likes.
Only crosswords and Swedish and cryptograms i am able to solve.
Google can do Rubik’s Cube in only twenty moves.

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No.I’m terrible.

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I’m great at brain teasers and puzzles, but put a rubiks cube in front of me, I’m going to pull the stickers off and make myself look smart. And as for sodoku, forget it.

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Yes, all kinds. As a kid I loved the little carved wood pieces that would assemble into a sphere or cube. Now grown then I still love physical puzzles as well as word puzzles and brain prompts like

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I love brainteasers, trivia, crosswords, and various other puzzles. Don’t care much for sudoku or Rubik’s cube. I just find sudoku boring. I’d rather do puzzles that involve words.

One of the best computer games I ever had was the Smart Games series. These puzzles were hard. For most of them, I couldn’t get past the first few levels, but there were a few that I excelled at and I enjoyed the challenge. Too bad they don’t make it anymore. :(

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I like crossword puzzles if they aren’t too esoteric, but Rubik’s cubes and Sudoko make me nuts. I know puzzles and brain teasers are supposed to be good for the brain, especially the older one, but I say good riddance to them all. ;-)

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I like Sudoku, and word puzzles, crosswords, logic puzzles and things like that. I used to be able to do a rubiks cube in about 30 seconds when I was a kid but I’ve forgotten the moves now.

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I’m absolutely terrible but I still love them. If the puzzle is good it will make me smile and just makes me impatient at what could the answer possible be? As normally you fan find out by flipping a few pages.

I’ve never really like SuDoku and the Rubik’s cube was way out of my league with me using a online tutorial.

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I can do crosswords, cryptograms, and video game puzzles. I solved MYST and took a victory lap around the living room. I cannot do a sudoku to save my life.

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I am very good at puzzles but most of them are not sufficiently interesting to hold my interest.
What I did for a living was work puzzles most others would not even attempt.

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I’m good at crosswords, but other than that? I’m terrible at puzzles. Yet I still enjoy attempting them, for some reason.

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@Dr_Lawrence Wow…. Really? That is neat. You must have high IQ

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@Dr_Lawrence I’m a bit like that with Sudoku. The ones in newspapers are too easy for me. I buy “Fiendish” level books only, and most of them I can still solve in less than 15 minutes.

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I like sudoku puzzles and kryptoquotes. Some math logic puzzles and chess puzzles interest me as well.

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