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How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?

Asked by mollydrew (641points) August 14th, 2010

I have always felt I was eighteen until I look in the mirror.

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703 – I feel like I have been on this Earth for way too long.

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15. :) That’s what most people tell me I look like, but I’m actually 19. :/

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35, at least, that’s how old I feel.

If you ask any random stranger… 16, unless I’m with my kid.

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Honestly, 18 is exactly right for me. As mature and intelligent as I may be (or seem), there is definitely still the partier/college kid side to me. 18 is perfect. :)

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With my personality type, both 6 and 40. Can be a child and enjoy life fully (in a very immature way), and can be mature and realistic

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18 that’s what I’ve been told by people who don’t know me but I’m 23.

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as old as i wanted to be.

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I always say I’m 84 – that’s how I feel. Sometimes I feel like I’m a year younger than Astrochuck. When I see boobs, I’m 16 again.

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At least 45.

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I’ve often been told I drive like I’m 80.

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I drive like a granma and I hurt and need to be medicated.\
so I will say 69…..:):)


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I also drive “slow” (read: sanely).

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I think as others have illustrated it’s contextual.

Amongst some of my peers I feel like I’m in my early twenties, around my son’s friends I feel like I’m in my forties.

Overall I guess I feel like I’m still young in thought and interests, but some of my responsibilities, and some of my aches and pains, occasionally remind me where I am externally.

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I don’t feel a day over 25. Well mentally.

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I can be a goofy, fun-loving kid, so in that respect…maybe 15? In my mind, though, I’m about 35. Probably because that was about the age where I really came into my own, and became comfortable in my own skin. I don’t feel like I’ve changed much since then, mentally/emotionally. Now, my body is a whole different story. I know many senior citizens that are in better condition than I am. Due to illness, I feel at least 60, if not older… the body cannot keep up with the mind, that’s for sure. :(
In all actuality, I’ll be 43 in 3 days. :)

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Twenty-one… always twenty-one.
Age is just a number, and I act and feel twenty-one… well most of the time!!

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Maybe 17… Sure, I think I’ve always been quite mature, but even though I’m 18 now I haven’t grown into the whole drinking/clubbing/partying scene and without makeup I definitely don’t look 18 yet.

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People seem to think I look like I could be 19 or 20. I would say 25. In reality, I just turned 29 last week.

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Around 33. People guess my age at around 30–35, although in reality I’m 43.

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@downtide You are so very fortunate. So what’s your secret to looking so youthful?

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Between 23 and 27 depending on my mood and the day.

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@partyparty My secret is good genes. My father is 73 and still looks barely 60.

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I’d like to be 24 again. My Dr said my bones are worse than a 70 year old lady’s. I’m happy being a little older. Not revealing my true age at this time.

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I don’t feel any differently than I did at 18, 45 years ago .There are life experiences that change your perspective forever, (love, sex, marriage, children, death of loved ones) but my sense of self seems timeless to me.

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Twenty four—forerver!

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People say I look young for my age. So I will go with what they say and say 11 going on 12. :)

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