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Do you think Britney Spears is a clone?

Asked by jm5225 (253points) August 15th, 2010

Do you think Britney is a clone of the girl she used to be?

I mean she used to sing live
She used to be drop dead gorgeous…I mean like no other women in my eyes
She had better music…

I kinda feel like she was replaced with a look a like…do you think so too?

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I never thought much of Britney Spears. I think she aged as gracefully as expected.

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chewed up and spat out. She was burnt under the Media magnifying glass.

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oops they did it again…. they played with a girl… and ruined her life

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I thought you wrote clown, and then i would have answered yes.

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IMHO, she has dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) as a consequence of mind control programing. Likely, she’s sort of started to age out of it (merging back towards one identity) and has gone a little bonkers as a result.

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Yes, I believe Britney Spears is a clone just as much as I believed George Bush was a good president. (Think: NO WAY)

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You can only spread a little talent so far…

I think fame and drugs ruined her.

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Honey, drugs and alcohol and a crazy life style will do that, Check out Whitney Houston.

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This is what happens when you peak at a young age. She has nowhere to go but down.

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Why would anyone want to clone her? One is too many!

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Sigh, I hate questions like this, and yet here I am, answering it. That poor dear girl has been completely taken over by the dark side of “entertainment” and deserves our pity, not our scorn.

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Was she ever really good?
I mean she didn’t write her own songs and she didn’t really sing them acoustic. The only thing she was good at, in my opinion was the dancing.

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@wilhel1812 actually and I’m not saying your completely wrong she did right 2 or 3 songs completely herself and co-wrote over 15 songs through her CDs. She did some some acoustically on rare occasions and sang a few short songs she made up back in the day….today is another story….but I do think people forget alot of things she has done in the past…I am not saying she deserves everything she has but she did something right and definitely paid her dues I think.

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@jm5225, You’re absolutely right. I wasn’t clear on that. Britney of course did do something by herself, but most of her songs were written by others, which in my mind doesn’t make her an artist, just some kind of Vocalist/Dancer.

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@wilhel1812 I will agree with you on that, I think she was marketed as a true artist in the beginning and when they realized she was more then your average success she became a product and to valuable of a product to risk an error on. Which Is what brought this question up. I almost feel as though the real Britney Spears is either dead or off on some island enjoying her life. Rather then lose all their money they made this clone Britney to cash in a few more bucks ha. In reality I know it really is her but I was curious what other people thought. I think now after her break down and obvious fall from the pedestal I think they don’t know what to do with her exactly. I think she certainly still had a career and will for a long time (unless something tragic happens) but I think the big appeal with Britney was perfection, youth, and sex. Now she’s losing her youth, we all know she is far from perfect, and I suppose they could still market sex but really just sex is kinda trashy and trashy doesn’t equal success(usually)[IMO]. I do believe if they market her as a real person and she keeps popping out great hits and dances a bit more, keeps her good looks up she can still be on top though, she just needs to own it and Britney has never had a problem doing that before. This is just all my thoughts on things.

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