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WTF is up with C. Everett Koop's fingernails?

Asked by peedub (8698points) March 24th, 2008 from iPhone

Now, I havent seen any recent photos of his hands, but there is a great close up of them in an Ali G. Interview. His nails are long and pointed, as though he filed them. Its totally bizzare. Has anyone noticed this? What’s the deal? I’ve tried researching it.

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Can you post a link to the picture? I just looked at Google images and couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

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That sounds like a good question to ask C, Everett Koop as he is probably the only one who would know for sure why his fingernails are like that.
We can all guess, or judge, but he would be the best to ask if you really want to know.

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perhaps, but he is a major public figure and I’m sure millions of people have seen his hands. Someone must know why his fingernails are long and pointed.

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@deez- I just found something on youtube.
look for the ‘hearing on politicization.’ my friend said it was so he could do emergency surgery without tools. I believed him for a second.

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I just watched the video and I don’t see anything wrong with his fingernails. At times they give the appearance of being point like, but only from certain angles. They are actually what I consider to be well formed nails, perhaps a bit on the lengthy side, which can also give rise to curling and giving the appearance of being pointed. Maybe that’s what you’re seeing. Fingernails (and toenails) are prone to hardening and thickening in the aging process which can also lead to some malformation.

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Looked OK to me. Maybe a little long. I could use a long pointed nail to open the damnable safety seals on OTC med bottles.

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You gave me a good laugh Cardinal!!!

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