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What are your favorite Vampire movies?

Asked by Dewey420 (1170points) August 16th, 2010

Another movie question since the Psycho-Thriller/Horror post helped me out greatly. There seems to be alot of Vampire Movies, some directly relating to Vlad Dracula, and some somewhat obscure and subjective like Lifeforce. I want to knock out my favorites first, but mention them again if you wish. My favorite is Nosferatu (1931) and I refer to it as it sequel, but it’s not, Shadow of the Vampire (2000). 2nd favorite is “Blood for Dracula” (1974 Paul Morissey). and 3rd The Hunger ( 1983), because well.. I’ve never looked at Susan Sarandon the same since. Please tell what your favorite Vampire movies are and include the year if you know it because some “Dracula“s have the same name.

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Let the Right One In is good. It’s well done and has an eerily casual fucked-up-ness that makes it unique.

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Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht Isabelle Adjani!!!
Dracula 2000 This one is not so good but I love Justine Waddell so..
and <Dracula cerca sangue di vergine… e morì di sete>!!!

yeah and <Låt den rätte komma in>

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For actual quality, Nosferatu and Let the Right One In are my favorites. And the 1992 Dracula with Gary Oldman is terrible but I love it anyway, because… Gary Oldman.

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Hellsing. (That is the Anime series.)

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1931 Dracula starring Bela Lugosi

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God, I love just about any vampire movie, even the bad ones. I’ll just name one nobody else has mentioned yet: Thirty Days of Night.

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My all time favorite is From Dusk Till Dawn

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Interview with a Vampire

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and Queen of the Damned

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Hmm. Most of mine are taken, like From Dusk Til Dawn, Dracula: Dead and Loving It and Love at First Bite. But… There’s always Lost Boys. If I got the title right.

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@augustlan Lurve! I was pretty impressed with 30 Days of Night.

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The only one I ever liked was the comedy “Love at First Bite.”

I honestly wonder why vampires, zombies and cannibals have gotten to be so popular. Yuck.

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@Austinlad I understand those things but honestly wonder why Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell and Eddie Murphy are/were so popular. Yuck. Takes all kinds, I guess.

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The Hunger(film) I’m glad to hear that someone else has seen it and likes it. It didn’t get the best reviews. But come on…Catherine Deneuve in that role was hot.

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I’d say “Fright Night” and “Near Dark”

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My favorite was Lugosi’s 1931 Dracula.

The worst was Billy the Kid vs. Dracula The link has the big finish. What a hoot!

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A little known and fabulous vampire film is 2002’s Innocent Blood starring Anthony LaPaglia.

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Ah, man. All mine are taken.

I’ll second

“Let the Right One In” – and, read the book. The movie’s great, but the book is even better. Hakan is freaking twisted in the book.

“Near Dark”

“The Lost Boys”


Oh! One that hasn’t been mentioned – “Martin”

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Lost Boys!!! Oh Yeah! I even own it now.

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I love Hellsing, but that’s an anime series.

But movie wise? I guess I’ll have to say From Dusk till Dawn.

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@YARNLADY Yup. . . Those were my answers. . .

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I love vampires, but I’m very picky when it comes to types of vampires, and there are very many.
I prefer the kinds of vampires that people are afraid of, rather than those that people wish to be like, so most modern stuff is out for me, unless it’s a decent transition from some older works. I’m much more likely to read classic vampire literature from Sheridan le Fanu or John Polidori rather than watch the movies, but I still check out most vampire movies I can get my hands on, and out of the slew which I’ve viewed, Bram Stoker’s Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola (My dad went to see it with his girlfriend in 1992 when it came out and he didn’t want to take me along. :( ) or Nosferatu, both the original (Sans Type 0 Negative soundtrack, despite that I love the band.) and the 1979 remake.

To a lesser degree, I do greatly enjoy Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, but not so much its lousy ’‘sequel’’, Queen of the Damned.

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@SuperMouse I will have to watch Innocent Blood I have never heard of it. thanks. I haven’t seen Nosferatu with Type 0 sndtrk..weird.
Thanks everyone for the responses so far.
Martin is good and so is Let the right one in..I doubt i’ll read the book tho.. i read super slow.
For the older Draculas I perfer Chrstopher Lee to Lugosi and to me Peter Cushing will always be the one and only Van Helsing.
Dracul’s Daughter (1936) & Son of Dracula (1943) are definite honorable mentions.
for some sexy good vampire action Twins of Evil & Lust for a Vampire are good.
I didn’t know Queen of the Damned was Interview’s sequel neat.. I probably wouldn’t like it as much if Aaliyah didn’t look so hot in it.. but I do like that movie..and the way she talks.

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I liked Blade 2 a little bit. And I am ashamed.

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@zophu The Blade movies are fun! I told you I even liked the bad ones. ;)

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Dracula 3000

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I’ve been wanting to see Dravcula 3000 too.

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too ridiculous. make sure you’re high.

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I liked “Interview with a Vampire”. The first Twilight movie also wasn’t too bad i suppose.

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way to keep the hope alive. Recently watched Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula..action packed. Just can’t get enough of those blood suckers.

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Has anyone mentioned Blacula yet?

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lol no noone. is it any good?

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Ever since the advent of the video store I’ve seen Blacula on the shelves, but I’ve never rented it or seen it. I should.

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lol or should you?

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It’s been teasing me for decades. I reckon I should.

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I just watched Daybreakers. It wasn’t terrible.

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I have Blacula on DVD!

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@filmfann GTFO. Really? I have to see if Netflix has it, then wonder what kind of “list” I’d be on if I rented it.

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Monster Squad.
It’s not really a “vampire film”....but Dracula is in it!

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@mrentropy It’s a two-movie DVD. The other movie is Scream Blacula, Scream with Pam Grier.

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John Carpenter’s vampire movie with James Woods in it.

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