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What's your personal, intimate relationship with the "Twilight" movie sagas?

Asked by luigirovatti (1712points) March 12th, 2019

Sorry for the remark, but I’d like not talk about JUST the book saga. If you want, though, you can link them together when you answer. Me, I have them (obviously) all, I heard there’s an extended edition made by Lionsgate of 4 of 5 of the movies. Anyhow, though, they say they’re not really interesting, so I don’t have them. Also, anyway, do you like them more or less than the 1997 movie “Titanic”, which, by the way, I also have?

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Not sure why you sent this to me, but here goes. I made it twenty minutes into the first movie, before I gave up, only because it takes place in Washington State, where I lived for a couple of decades.
I got about 50 pages into the first book, before I gave up, for the same reason.

I found both to be not to my taste at all.

I thought Titanic was entertaining, especially because my eight-year-old then wanted to do much research.

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I don’t have one. I haven’t watched Twilight Zone since the 60s when the original came out.

I don’t know how they relate to the Titanic, but I do like the movie. I especially like Rose’s wardrobe!

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I don’t know a thing about them, then.

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The 1997 movie Titanic did not set a very high bar to surpass; but the Twilight films didn’t even reach that level.

As the father of a then “tween” daughter, I could not avoid seeing them, but even in digital format they were a waste of lumens.

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The critics hated most of all the movies, especially the last one, but the targteted audience, the kids 13–17, loved them like crazy.

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My aunt and 2 younger (at the time) cousins were in town and I hadn’t seen her in over a year. She was a huge fan of the books and so we all agreed to see the first film in the theater, because we love her and life is about making compromises for the ones we love, right?

I thought it was a melodramatic trainwreck, but I’m not really the target audience for that kind of thing. I haven’t seen any of the others.

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I’ve never seen them. All I know is that I’m on Team Guy Who Almost Hit Bella with His Car.

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I know nothing about the movies. In fact I thought it was merely a TV series that I know nothing about. There’s no point in addressing questions to me about fantasy genre stuff, including anime, video games, etc.

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Not being in the 13–17 y/o age group, I failed to watch for a long time!!! One Friday night I had absolutely nothing to do & was sufficiently bored. I finally streamed the first one. It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined; yet, it wasn’t that good either. I did make it through the first one & it seems I watched another with a child I was babysitting. I don’t remember which one it was but it was pretty violent. After that one, I failed to watch the others. I guess I’ve just not been bored enough to fill in the blanks!!! Robert Pattinson has potential to be a heartthrob but he always looks like he’s never been in a shower. Kristen Stewart does absolutely nothing for me; so, with the 2 of them together I’m NOT overly stimulated. Vampires just don’t excite me!!!

This group hasn’t made it to my list of movies that I’ll never watch They also haven’t made it to my list of I want to watch. So, someday I might break down & watch them when the time is right; but for now, I can’t imagine when that will be!!!

Titanic was boring & drawn out but I could get into the relationship between Jack & Rose much easier!!! I’ve watched that movie more than once although I don’t beat down the doors in order to see it!!!

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Read all the books, watched all the movies.

I don’t have a personal relationship with either, I just enjoy sci fi. The acting in the movies and the story line is better than a lot. To me, these are more on par with TrueBlood, Harry Potter or the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

That being said, I’d rather watch Twilight than some of the Star Trek’s, some of the super hero movies and other sci fi like Transformers that have no story and terrible acting.

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I would rather get ravaged by a pack of wolves, than to watch crap like that.

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Never partaken

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I don’t believe I have ever had a “personal, intimate” relationship with a TV show! Maybe with M*A*S*H. A little bit.

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@ragingloli I’m surprised at your reaction to the movies. Have you seen any of them?

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They were OK. Some pretty scenery. Some cheesy teenage dramatic romance stuff.

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I have seen a clip of when they were playing “baseball” in the fog.
I thought it was a cheap TV show.

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I understood the movies (series?) to be aimed at prepubescent teens. Sort of juvenile soap opera kitsch.

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What interests me is why you, @luigirovatti, are watching these and discussing now?

Those were 2008–2009 vampire mania years, the popularity died rather quickly, maybe 2014 at the latest.

Plus I never replied about the Titanic, which I thought was terrible and only watched once. The underwater filming was neat, but Leo as a sex symbol?! Never.

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Loved the twilight zone movie.

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@KNOWITALL: One thing I understand from you Fluther jellies is that you respond to “General Question” standards. You’re always so neat and thorough.

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But you do realize that many of your questions are so bizarre or esoteric that they go unanswered?

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Aside from my massive crush on Kristen Stewart, they mean nothing to me.

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I first came across her in a movie back in 2005–2008 with Meg Ryan called “In a land of women”. She was this thin girl with an enormous jaw, but she did a great job with the role. I remember wondering at the time if she would become a star.

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@tinyfaery I agree. A lot of people hate her and think she is expressionless, but I find her intriguing.

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She is so expressionless, she could have played Captain Marvel.

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Not being a tween girl they never interested me.

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The books made me fall in love with vampires and I wanted one of my own!

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I’m a sucker for scary vampire scenes and good vampire action in movies so I had to watch all the films at least once. A few scary scenes and one very good action scene later, can’t say it’s worth it. Lol

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Frank Langella is a much sexier, believable vampire. And no teenage angst, or posing vampire relatives.


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Personal, but not intimate.

It was a hit among the kids in my high school, except me. I just couldn’t understand why someone would like such a stupid plot. The series had the most pampering plot I have ever seen. No one is harmed and no blood is drawn and everyone is happy despite all the trauma they experienced in the series. There was this one movie in the series where the main characters had to settle a dispute with a rival family. The family had fought against the characters for ages. So now they met, and a fight broke out, and the twist: it didn’t happen! It was just a psychics character showing everyone what would happen if they all fought! Then the rival family was like “ok, we were wrong, you can go now”. And everyone lives happily ever after. What?

The series was an insult to my intelligence. I was a 16-year-old, not a moron! And no, boyish actors couldn’t buy me in.

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Never seen them, and I watch about 80 movies a month.

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^^Don’t bother, rather fill that space with such gems as the room, plan 9 from outer space, troll 2 and battlefield earth.

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