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Hi Fluther, could you test my music player application (especially Spotify-users)

Asked by Vincentt (8079points) August 16th, 2010

The idea has been lurking in my head for a while that you could write a Spotify-like music player that gets its music from YouTube, to be legal and free, yet have a wide range of music. So, having a lot of time on my hands in the holiday season, I decided to make it a reality.

It now basically works, but I’m not really that sold on Spotify so I’m not exactly sure what makes it as cool as it’s supposed to be. Thus, I’m looking for people to try it out and tell me what features they’d like added – and especially people who are fond of Spotify. And I was hoping the Fluther collective could help me with that.

It can temporarily (it doesn’t even have a name yet*, I’m really only testing the thing) be found at

*If you have suggestions for the name, those are welcome too :)

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Wow, that thing is complicated for what it is. Why can’t I just go to YouTube and get videos to listen to myself?

You’re still playing copywritten music that you and YouTube don’t have a license for. The fact that people can’t download it from your program doesn’t change that.

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I tried to use it, searched for Prince’s Lovesexy album and added it to the queue.
Further then this i didn’t come.
If it works i might come up with a name for it.

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@theichibun Because you can do that on YouTube. What this tool is meant to do is to allow you to easily listen to albums or create your own custom playlists, and allow you to scrobble your songs to while it’s at it.

As for the legal issues: OK, it’s as legal as YouTube, meaning Google works hard to keep it legal. Furthermore, there are plenty of (independent) artists trying to promote themselves by making their tracks available on YouTube.

@rebbel Ah, I can reproduce that and see what the cause is (stupid oversight). I’ll post here when I’ve fixed it. Could you post what screen resolution you’re using, which browser and which operating system?

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Windows Vista, Opera.
Screen resolution i don’t know.
You ask about the resolution because of the screenshot being rather big?
If so, that is because i have all my tabs in Opera zoomed.

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@rebbel Ah OK, then that’s not my fault at least :) The issue with tracks with a slash in the name should be fixed, though unfortunately that track you mentioned isn’t on YouTube. I also don’t know why Musicbrainz (the website I get all album information from) returns such an odd tracklisting – if you just do an album search for Lovesexy, the second result does list all tracks separately.

Oh, and thanks for testing both, it really is helpful. (I also should make the search function more obvious I suppose. Design is not final :)

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I thought ‘wtf is this?’ at first, but I actually like the idea. Unfortunately, you can make playlists on YouTube, so I don’t really think this would take off.

Also, what’s this random thing that loaded at the beginning?

I was lost for direction, and presentationwise, it isn’t up to scratch. But great idea, well done :)

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@ninahenry I know, but you have to have a YouTube account for that, and you have to save them.

Anyway, I added some more functionality, such as being able to play some lists from (recent tracks, loved tracks, recommended artists, top tracks/albums/artists for varied periods of time), so it shines when connected to (which requires signing in and having a account, though).

And yes, I really have a lot of polishing to do on the design. I’m not sure whether I can load the YouTube player without loading a video at the beginning, but if not I was planning to make a screencast on how to use it some day and load that up first. The thing that’s there now is just a Dutch YouTube movie that made me laugh each of the 50+ times I watched it :P

Thanks for testing it, anyway, it really is appreciated.

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True, you do have to have a YouTube account, but it’s really easy to save things to a temporary queue or permenant playlist. I presume the majority of people have YouTube accounts, as you have to have them to interact with the majority of YouTube’s features.

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@ninahenry I’ve now added a feature YouTube doesn’t have, and it doesn’t require signing in to :)

When playing a track, you can now choose to browse similar artists or tracks.

I’m still looking for useful features to add. For this, I’m looking at how I’m using my regular music player, but there’s probably a lot more ways people use audio players, so feature requests are more than welcome.

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