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What would you have said?

Asked by ucme (50034points) August 16th, 2010

Great quotes from history. We can all recite a handful more or less by heart but what if? Yeah, if it was you who set foot on the moon. Or it was indeed yourself who spoke for a nation in times of peril. Or maybe even alter a famous quote from a movie or fictional book. Whatever, your mission if you choose to accept, is to give it your best shot.This message will self destruct in…..well who knows?

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Something stupid that includes stuttering and using the wrong word, probably. Unfortunate but true.

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Sure don’t taste like mustard to me.

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Had I been the first man on the moon: “Now the true journey begins.”

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I have a dream….., where i am standing before you…., naked.

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Damn the torpedoes! Call in an airstrike!

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Moon Landing – “It’s covered in Cheese!”
Come to think of it, that would work for a lot of things….
Attack on Pearl Harbour – Officer: “Sir! The Japanese are launching an air raid! Two of our destroyers have been hit!”
Me: “It’s covered in Cheese!
Just imagine. The fall of the Berlin Wall? “The wall is opened! We can leave! It’s covered in Cheese!”
So many applications.

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“To be or not…oh…group hug!”

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Need more lube!

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Bag of dicks.

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I’m not coming back here! (if I were Douglas MacArthur)

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Houston, we have a…, pro… opportunity.

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I have nothing to offer but blood toil tears and my taxes.

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One small step for man; one big leak for mankind.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him do the back stroke.

Behind every great man there’s a woman reminding him to take out the garbage.

I am NOT a very good crook.

Speak softly and carry a can of Mace.

Houston, we have a… $&%$*&(#$@ ...

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I came, I saw, I kicked some ass.

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