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Awesome Halloween costume ideas for toddlers?

Asked by Seek (34769points) August 16th, 2010

I love Halloween! And the best part is making the costumes.

Last year, my son went as Frodo Baggins

I was really proud of that costume, but unfortunately it was so hot even at 8:00pm, that he was miserably uncomfortable, and ended up Trick-or-Treating in his diaper.

This year, I want to make him a great costume, but make it something he can have fun in.

I was thinking perhaps Conan the Barbarian?

Any other ideas?

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How about He-Man as portrayed by Dolph Lundgren? Your son has the hair for it!

Not as fun, but he could be a surfer dude. You could give the costume some humor by attaching a fake shark to part of his body and have some fake blood dripping off the affected appendage.

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Well, there is this, this, this, this, this, and this

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Bam Bam.

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Garbage Pail Kid that would be so cute.

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I can hardly believe you’re thinking about Halloween now, in the middle of August.

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Last year my son was 2 and he went as a cave man. I bought some animal print fabric and draped it over him, under one arm and tied on one shoulder- the way that I’m positive all real cavemen used to do. Then I made him a club out of a big wooden spoon covered in wrinkled brown paper bags. I tied a piece of the animal print fabric around the handle for Neanderthal pizzaz.

I think this year we’re going cowboy or pirate. Not original, but just because I think he’ll like them.

Your pictures were so adorable!

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@ChocolateReigns Hey, when you’re the parent of a 2 year old, it takes a while to get enough sit-down time to hand-make three costumes (he, myself, and my husband all dress up.)

@ubersiren Thank you!

@ragingloli – the lobster in the pot is just priceless!

@MissAusten Dolph Lundgren! That’s awesome.

@jleslie – One of my husband’s work friends even calls him “Bam Bam”. That’s a really good idea. ^_^

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@Seek_Kolinahr He can be shirtless if you are worried about the heat or a t-shirt if it is cool out. He just kind of has that one piece of cloth over his shoulder down to the bottom part of his outfit.

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@ChocolateReigns I have already purchased two for my Grandsons. My Daughter In Law wants an Ewok for the youngest, so I’ll keep the horsey I got him for a back up.

Check out your local thrift store, quick, the best choices will go fast.

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@YARNLADY Ewok! That’s too cute!

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