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Do you catch yourself wanting to communicate with someone who has passed away without really thinking?

Asked by gypsywench (1626points) August 16th, 2010

Earlier I was so fustrated. I grabbed the phone to call a close friend. I dialed quickly. It rang and then: “The number you reached has been disconnected”. I looked at the number I dialed and it was my fathers old cell. He passed away three years ago. I broke out in tears. I unconsciously called my deceased dad at a moment of helplessness. Anything like that ever happened to any jellies?

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It happens, yes,

I could use her right now.

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Sometimes, when I have good news, there is someone I want to call, then I remember that I can’t because she’s been dead for a number of years now. :/

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It does happen to me, often. My sister passed, gosh, I don’t know, 13 years ago or more.. and I still catch myself longing to talk to her.
My grandmother passed away this last December, that has been a tough one lately. We were very close. I can relate very much to what you’re saying, it’s tough, I’m sorry. :(

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Yes. My mom. I miss her and still feel like I could call her. I discover new things I want to tell her or ask her. I discovered Timothy Leary was her age and grew up in her small New England hometown and I wanted to ask what he was like. But I can’t. I discovered it a year too late.

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All the time. My parents passed on nearly 25 years ago, but I still wish I could call and talk to them like I used to.

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I have dreams in which my grandparents are still alive sometimes. I would like to have known them better and to have communicated more love to them.

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Yes my childhood friend Yvonne. She was my best friend and when we moved back in 1977 I never said bye to her, she passed when she was in high school. Sometimes I drive by my old neighborhood and I just cry many good memories. I still remember the first time I met her I was in 4th grade on a Sunday she has a dog named Tobby, we use to go to our local 7/11 store to buy pickels for 25 cents. Those were the days

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I do it quite often last year on my birthday, I got flowers from my family, and the first thing I did was call my mom, to thank her for them. Another lady answered, and I was down in tears. I use to call her when I had a problem, and needed help.
Oh I wish she were here I miss her dearly. I think I’m going to find my Teddybear and cry.

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Yes sometimes. My mother who passed away 11 years ago today.

Sometimes I dream those really vivid dreams where you think it’s real and we are laughing and having fun, and then wake up and remember that’s she’s gone.

Nice whilst the dream lasts though.

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Yes. My Dad’s been gone for 4 years and I still find myself picking up the phone sometimes to tell him something… Mostly I just chat with his favorite coffee mug in the morning…

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So many posts about parents lost. The prospect terrifies me. I know it is inevitable, but, the thought of losing one (and ultimately both) of my parents is probably one of my worst fears. :\ Makes me terribly sad. Hugs for all of you.

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My dad’s been gone for almost 40 years and I still miss him. I’ve never inadvertently tried to call him—he was usually too busy to talk on the phone, anyway—but we do have good visits from time to time in my dreams.

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Yeah, I’d ask the person that hid my Sony PS2 and then died, quote, “WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU HIDE IT?! MY GTA VICE CITY DISC WAS IN THERE, YOU MOFO!!!!!”, end quote.

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