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What does it cost to recycle a mattress in san francisco?

Asked by malthauser (58points) August 17th, 2010

looking to get rid of my mattress in san fran and don’t want to just put it in the dump. what does it cost to recycle?

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YARNLADY's avatar is free. You can always find someone who will come and take it.

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I recommend freecycle, also.

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Or Craig’s List. Or, in all reality, just putting it on the street. Someone will take it.

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Are you buying a new mattress to replace it? If so, some companies will take your old mattress when they deliver the new mattress. If not, freecycle is a good idea.

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Many health departments prohibit donating mattresses to charities like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. However, the Freecycle Network ( allows people to post items to give away to anyone willing to come pick them up. And your local version of Craigslist probably also has a “free” section where you can post that your usable old mattress is available. If you buy a new mattress many times they will take your old mattress. Also many firestations are free drop off spots to recycle your old mattress.

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They are worth $5 to people who “refurbish” them and sell them for $50.

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