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When did you last give in?

Asked by AC (833points) August 17th, 2010

When did you last give in, even though you knew you were right, and by doing so you actually came out on top?

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In my relationship with my wife, there are circumstances where when she is so overly stressed that being right is no where nearly as important as recognizing that letting an irrational and incorrect statement from her go unchallenged is the most respectful and decent choice. Usually she will later approach me with an apology for being “such a lunatic” and tell me she was wrong and how much she appreciates and loves me. I would call that coming out on top, wouldn’t you?

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@Dr_Lawrence Indeed I would agree, and that is an admirable quality.

How about with someone other than your immediate family where there was a loss to yourself but ultimately it ended up as your gain?

I guess I’m exploring the idea of winning by losing, if that makes sense?

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I divorced when my daughter was 15.

I did my best to never bad mouth her dad even though it was painful to witness his behaviors and attempts to turn our daughter against me for his own wounded pride and vindictive desire to cause me more pain.

It was a rocky few years but now that my daughter is almost 23 she sees for herself, very clearly, the true nature of her dad and has experienced first hand his deceitful side.

We are now closer than ever this last handful of years and she respects me even more with her new understanding.

In letting things go, feeling as if I was losing then, I have won the best thing I could ever win, my daughters respect.

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about an hour ago…gave Sadie some of my chicken. Not good…but, she begged. a sucker in every crowd!

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I give in every day on issues that don’t matter. I have no strong attachment to being right unless it actually affects me or the world around me.

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I’m married. ‘round here we call that “Thursday”..

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Over the years, I have learned that if I endeavour always to be honorable, and then when drama comes, to be patient, things will eventually turn my way. I have also learned that relationships are far more important than being right, more important than material things, and more important than almost all goals.

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When i know I’m right i will fight until the end. If i am wrong i will admit it and give in.

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I’ve learned that being right isn’t something that’s of much importance to me. It seems unnecessary to give that energy away when I can happily have it to myself.

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Last weekend

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