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Have you been reading the details of the questions you've been responding to?

Asked by zenele (8242points) August 17th, 2010

Jellies, dear sweet flutherites: Attention! No-one seems to be reading the details, lately. People invest a lot of time and effort in them – and they sometimes completely affect the question itself. Please – read the details before answering. This has been a public Fluther service brought to you by your faithful servant Zen. Thank you for your co-operation.

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Are you drunk? ;-)

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A reasonable question. I’ve had my doubts a number of times lately too.

In fairness, though, some people don’t invest quite enough time and effort in them. Paragraph breaks, pertinent details instead of long rambles, and coherent sentences would make some details sections a bit easier to read.

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She so smart.

* sigh *

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Not only the details, but the answers from other jellies as well. (my husband is guilty of this) He answered a question once that I had answered long before he did, and when I came across his answer, I couldn’t believe it was almost identical to mine!

shhh…don’t tell Jon I’m bitching about him ;)

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I agree @zenele , @Jeruba is smart!

BTW, I read the details of the questions.

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The details should explain or expand on the question, not turn it into something entirely different. To place a question that doesn’t really mean what it says is deceptive.

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Hey Hey Jonny: @jonsblond is bitchin about ya!

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Servant?? Now your little outfit makes perfect sense @zenele….can I get a cup of tea please?

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I don’t always read the details,no…and you can’t make me ;)

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If they are five or fewer lines.

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I read the details and answers already given. I’ve seen several questions that were misinterpreted and the asker had tried to clarify it and get things back on track in the answers, only to have it missed because people hadn’t read their answers.

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The devil is in the detail or something like that. Okay, okay, I’ll try, I get impatient sometimes though.

Did anyone notice @Jeruba‘s new avatar??


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I always read the details!

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@Cruiser Earl Grey, no sugar?

@lucillelucillelucille The name so nice, she complained thrice?

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In this question, for a reason i felt i didn’t have to read the details. I did, though.
But i always do.
Sometimes when i read only the head on the questions page, i think “Yes, i agree.” only to think “No, i do not agree” once i read the details.
So for me it is a must to read the details, i would feel so lame to read after a while that i agreed when i actually disagree and the edit time window has closed.
Plus, important too, i want to credit the OP’s effort he/she put in his/her question.

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@zenele -Once is enough for most mortals ;))

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I, too, read all the details; sometimes more than once. I also almost always read (or skim) all the answers.

I also haven’t had the feeling lately that people are not reading my details, although it has certainly happened in the past.

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@jjmah lmao…...........

@zenele i do the best i can…......good question.

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Nah. I’m sure you’ll agree that people don’t spend either time or effort on them, don’t you? ~

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Here’s a perfect example of many repetitive answers and several sloppy readings of the question.

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Well, I read the details of this question – that’s all I can promise.

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@zenele Green Tea with honey please!

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Coming right up. Having problems with the darn replicator

I just realized what a nerd I am – I linked to wikipedia replicator. Sigh.

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I always read the question details. I don’t always read the responses from everyone, particularly if it’s like a “list” type question (eg – what’s your favourite pizza topping? – where the responses are just a list of favourites). I do read them all if it’s the sort of question that sparks debate.

@zenele Earl Grey, hot. :)

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Okay, the replicator is working again. Scotty came by and fixed it.

@downtide Earl Grey, hot, is how I like it, too, oddly enough.

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With lemon, not milk. (ew, milk :-x)

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No lurve? Make your own tea.


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I always read the deets. There have been a few times when I’ve been lazier if the question seems obvious to me, but you never know what you might miss, so I really try to read all the details.

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