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Where can I find a list of all US and Canadian Colleges and Universities?

Asked by SarasWhimsy (1642points) August 18th, 2010

I need a list to choose from of all American and Canadian colleges and universities. I’d prefer something that includes online, physical, etc colleges, but anything would be a great starting point!

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I know of this site for Canadian colleges and universities, not sure about the US though but I would assume one is also available.

*Edit: A quick google search revealed this. I’m sure there’s more out there too.

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A quick google search is pretty easy to do, I’m looking for comprehensive lists with accurate information.

These are basically advertising sites, which do list colleges and universities, but not in a comprehensive usable manner.

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Here is U.S. News & World Report’s college rankings for the U.S.

This site has a list of Canadian colleges.

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Did you try the FAFSA site? The form allows you to search by addresses and gives you all of the colleges in that location.

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